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Cory Driscoll Releases “All Great Love”

Cory Driscoll (https://linktr.ee/cory_driscoll) has already stated that his concept album Eureka Springs will be available in Spring 2022. In advance of that, the lead single, All Great Love, has been released.

The song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FdZNA1XiBk&t=1s) is two minutes 31 seconds of chilled summer listening. The jazzy introduction leads into a laid-back arrangement that calls to mind long, hot vacation days. The lyrics speak of the frustrations of being in love and amply illustrate the stresses everyone was going through at the time of recording. There are references in the video to various types of sight and seeing – a woman having bandages unwrapped from her face to reveal an eye mask, several other women wearing spectacles or sunglasses, a man focusing a camera with an eye that is then revealed to be covered in a large patch and items being viewed through a magnifying glass. Given the situation when it was recorded, the video could be seen to illustrate the microscope under which every facet of home life found itself during the lockdown. At the end of the video, the characters all come together, each laying a hand on the protagonist’s shoulder in turn. The video, which Nicholas Larini directed, illustrates the inevitability of endings and appreciating the times you do see eye-to-eye with anyone and showing the different ways each individual can see the world. The lyrics are shown as subtitles to increase viewers’ understanding of the storyline.

This album is truly a product of the times. Originally, Driscoll planned a standard recording schedule, meeting with his bandmates, laying down the tracks in a time-honored fashion. The core songs were all written in 2019 and were ready to roll just as soon as the musicians could meet to record them. However, the pandemic intervened, with its lockdowns, social distancing, bans on meeting indoors in person, and travel restrictions. The album became a remote collaboration instead, with nine other musicians contributing their part from their own homes around the United States.

Eureka Springs was designed as a concept album based around a father and child undertaking a road trip after the father’s divorce. All Great Love is the final track on side A, closing that side with a feeling of understanding before the story moves on during side B.

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Cory Driscoll has already done some projects in the past, firstly with the Florida bands Young Adult (2012-2016) and Curious Animals (2008-2011). As a solo artist, he made Tropical Depression in 2018 and now looking forward to his upcoming concept album. The links are available through his linktr.ee (https://linktr.ee/cory_driscoll) index. Further information and photographs can be found on his Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/cory_driscoll/).



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