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Jay Elle Invites You To “Ride The Wave” Of Success On His Latest Album

Jay Elle has been having a field day of a year with his latest album release, “Ride The Wave”. It’s been receiving rave reviews from casual listeners and critics alike, and as such we simply had to give it a look to see what all the hype is about. So, does “Ride The Wave” live up to its lofty expectations? Read on to find out!

“Ride The Wave” is made up of twelve songs, though they all take a different approach to how they sound. Shifting genres isn’t a new concept, but Jay Elle’s take on the idea is surprisingly novel as he combines different sounds from different genres together with every new song. It results in an album that’s holds your attention and changes things up frequently, while maintaining a cohesive theme.

Taking the song “Miss Mess,” as an example, we really get to see how this works in action. Synths, piano and light guitars come together to carve a poppy, spacey sound the likes of which we can’t say we’ve really heard before. It keeps some elements from other songs on the album like the title track and “Tequila Kiss,” but it also has its own unique touches that keep things from becoming monotonous.

Other songs also continue this, drawing inspiration from hard rock, pop and even folksier tunes that show off Jay Elle’s skill when it comes to writing a tune. “Angeling” in particular is a highlight, making masterful use of huge synths to give the song a massive presence, allowing it to soar and really make a mark on the listener.

“Morning Rain” is another incredible song, with soft pleasant tones accompanying Jay’s relaxing and controlled delivery. It makes for a wonderfully nice listening experience, which extends to the rest of the album. We also can’t forget to mention just how good the songwriting on “Ride The Wave” is, with some truly great lyrics. Emotionally charged songs hit hard, and the more laid-back ones match their vibe.

It’s not an overstatement to say that “Ride The Wave” is one of the most interesting, fun and enjoyable albums to have released in 2021. Musically diverse and lyrically dense, it effortlessly keeps your attention as it shifts through different genres and themes. Jay Elle really shows off how talented of a performer he is, and he’s one you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on in the future.

–Jason Airy



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  1. Thank you for listening and thank you for the compliments. Much appreciated. Jay

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