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New Zealander Arun O’Connor Releases New Single

“Too Far Gone” is the impressive single from New Zealander Arun O’Connor. Featuring a chorus that hooks you from the start, and a guitar that just shines as it cranks out a sweltering riff, “Too Far Gone” casts a wide open space for both the pop/rock fan and the country music fan to cohabitate. Running alongside that generous blend is O’Connor’s natural ease and poise behind that microphone. “Too Far Gone” is a universal storyline – and a fine reminder that with a little grit and candor, anyone can get back on track. 


Sounding as though he were almost perched above the music, O’Connor has a voice that could share any story, anytime, anywhere. What I liked most about this song is that it could be about a friendship, a romantic relationship or even an inner-struggle. “Too Far Gone” possesses several layers that take the listener on an emotional journey. On one hand, too, I felt like this song could also be a crossover. It has hints of twang, and the songwriting is definitely something you’d hear from Nashville, but great music is great music. It doesn’t always need a label. 

O’Connor is an ambassador of a laid back style, with the focus of an artist performing at the highest level. The ease in his voice makes the listener want to sway along, kick back and bop their head just a bit. The messaging and the life-lived essence peppering his vocals also makes it sound like you’re cozying up to that same barstool in your favorite bar. It’s comfortable, it feels like a great fit and a flood of memories coincide from that worn leather. He brings hope, and wonderment to his own experiences and gives the listener a fighting chance to examine their own successes, failures and even personal milestones. “Too Far Gone” is a bit of the ‘Rudy’ in the music songbook because it makes you believe that there is always a chance – you just have to take it. 

“Too Far Gone” sounds like the perfect hit song to kick off one’s career. O’Connor worked with Nashville-based songwriters Ryan Sorestad, Brittany Knott and Taylor Nash. It’s from his first album,  Songs from the Reading Room. That’s only part of the story – O’Connor is a seasoned musician and while he is getting his first album to the masses, he’s been entertaining live audiences for about half his life. His dad is in the Southland Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and has three brothers that play the drums.

O’Connor has been in the popular cover band Small Feet for 11 years. He’s also released “Following The Line”, a song that rocketed to the No. 2 spot on the New Zealand Country iTunes chart and clocked over 132,000 Spotify streams. “Too Far Gone” is an impressive selection that reveals an artist that wears his heart on his sleeve and most importantly, never gives up. Judging by his track record already, O’Connor is making waves in the biggest of ways. “Too Far Gone” feels especially close to the heart. 

Mindy McCall



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