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How to Learn to Write Your Own Music

Article Contributed by Sherri Carrier

Do you want to write a catchy song that will enter the top? Many people say that songwriting is something you need to study and that it is difficult to write lyrics and match them with the song in a successful way. Well, this is not entirely true. Indeed, studying songwriting and music in college could enlarge your perspective and open up new doors.

But so do the courses you can take, the new music you listen to every month, and the tips and tricks from experts and musicians. If you feel you have an idea of a song or just want to try to create one, take the time and freedom to do it. You can write your own music. Indeed, creating an earworm can be challenging, but it is not impossible.

Many people who want to create their own music begin the process with enthusiasm but then they rapidly lose motivation. Where to start? Should you write the title first? Should you think about the melody and then write the lyrics or vice versa? There are so many questions you might not have an answer to, but you should know that there is no perfect recipe. All you need to do is to start. Music experts from have shared with us a few tips and tricks that will help you learn to write your own music.

Just Start Writing

If you spend a lot of time thinking about which is the right way to begin writing your own music, you will end up not starting at all. So, it is important to focus on the most important aspect of the entire process: writing. If you already have a title idea, just write it down and then continue with the lyrics. If you have an idea about the lyrics, maybe you can think about a title at the end. Either way, it is essential to start writing. There is no other way how lyrics can be created.

Learn From the Best

But if you feel you are on a creative stump and do not have any idea on the topic of the song, title, or lyrics, then you could listen to some good music. If you have an artist you admire, listening to their music can be inspirational. At the same time, you can listen to the most popular songs which are considered earworms, and see what the catch is. Pay attention to how the artist or band conveys the message. There should be something powerful about them, so find out what that thing is. Music is diverse and there are so many songs you can listen to. Inspiration will slowly come.

The Melody

Creating your own music is not only about the lyrics or the title of the song but about the melody too. Depending on how people feel at the moment and what their emotions are, when listening to a song they pay attention to different song parts. For example, you might have noticed that when you are sad, you pay more attention to the lyrics of a song. On the contrary, when you are happy or in a good mood, your attention is focused on the melody. The lyrics and the melody are equally important.

So, your melody has to be catchy. But how do you create a catchy one? Well, listen and pay attention to the most successful songs. Some of them are well known for being earworms. What do they have in common? Are the high notes the ones that make it interesting? Or are the chords? Or the tempo? Well, it might well be a successful combination of all these, so make sure you pay equal attention to creating the melody too. Creating a memorable rhythm might feel challenging, but just take your instrument and unleash your creativity.

Lyrics and the Melody

Well, it is common for movies to depict the artists that compose the melody and lyrics of a song at the same time. They just take their instrument, start playing it, and then the lyrics come naturally on the spur of the moment. Of course, this is possible and many artists say they have experienced this creativity burst. But it does not always work.

Or at least, it does not work for everyone. If you feel you cannot do this, just separate the processes. Get away from your instrument and focus your attention only on the lyrics. A nice tactic would be to record yourself when you are singing the lyrics and then return to your instrument to create the melody. Keep in mind that there is no correct or wrong order of the tasks. Just find out what works best for you.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Expert writers who work on research paper writing services uk often experience writer’s block and suggest society should erase the stigma associated with it. Even the most successful writers and songwriters experience it every few times.

So, it is important to develop some strategies and know how to handle these moments that might be more challenging. It is important to not stop writing and wait for an idea to come. Even though you may feel the lyrics are not okay, just start and continue writing. At the same time, you could use this moment to reflect on your creation process. Maybe you could change the order you do it. If you always start with the lyrics, try to start with the melody now.


Creating your own music might seem difficult, but it is a nice and enriching process. If you do it daily or as frequently as you can, you will work on and develop your skills tremendously. Besides inspiration and creativity, it is also a matter of exercising. Listen to music to find your inspiration but also identify successful song elements. Aim to create a memorable melody and lyrics people can relate to. Express your thoughts, ideas, and feelings, and convey the message so that it reaches the people.

Author Bio: Sherri Carrier is a professional writer and a member of several writing clubs in New York. She has been writing her own poems since she was a child. Sherri is also the coordinator of the “do my assignment” department you can visit EssayMama. She leads a young team of writers that have to do an assignment for others. The young author gets inspiration from her favorite writers and people whom she loves.



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