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Ginny Luke Releases “Seductive Cinderella”

Ginny Luke isn’t interested in rushing through the anti-cathartic grind of her stunning new pop single “Seductive Cinderella,” and she makes as much more than clear to the audience inside of the song’s first sixty seconds. Taking her time to set the mood with both melodic and percussive components, Luke stretches out the tension as far as it will go in “Seductive Cinderella” without overexploiting the conceptualism of the hook. Simply put, while her performance itself is on the experimental side, the cosmetics of this single are relatively conventional and easy to digest – which isn’t always the case among her scene. 

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The tempo here isn’t the only agent of evocation nudging forth a narrative in “Seductive Cinderella,” and I would argue that the sludgy tone of the synth play has as much influence over the moodiness of the music as the beat does. The fabric of this track lives and dies by the gothic undertow of the instrumentation, and tonally speaking, I think we’re seriously looking at one of the more well-rounded, depth-centric works from an up and comer in pop to debut all year long. She’s rough around the edges but in a truly positive way. 

There are a couple of moments where the guitar parts roar at us in “Seductive Cinderella,” but there’s never a moment in which they’re strong enough to take away the spotlight from Luke. She’s just giving us a performance too eroticized to be overshadowed by elements comprising the backdrop, and I have to wonder how much she would dominate the stage in a live performance as well. Taking over the studio isn’t something that sounds particularly difficult for her, and she demonstrates a comfortability with the process in this piece that I don’t see a lot of critics being able to ignore. 

This beat is admittedly so much bigger than it really needs to be, but this isn’t a problem for Ginny Luke at all; instead, she’s thriving off of the size and working off of its cadence in a bid to make the rhythm feels even more consistent than it already would have. It might be true that she’s going a little harder in this release than necessary, but there’s nothing wrong with establishing your ideals early on – especially when they result in the kind of magic that we’re getting throughout the whole of this profoundly melodic single. 

I expect plenty of stadium-shaking content coming down the pipes from Ms. Ginny Luke in the future, and if you want a preview of what it’s going to sound like I think “Seductive Cinderella” is going to hit the spot this month. Luke’s voice alone could get her a lot of attention from the right people in this industry, but when added in with the vicious arrangement we get in this performance, there’s no need for debating whether or not her stylishness is as marketable as it gets. “Seductive Cinderella” is getting her name out there, and it won’t take long to get even bigger from here. 

Mindy McCall



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