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Debut Album From in\error – “Death By Design”

The debut album from in\error has been released to much fanfare and anticipation. Death by Design is a gritty, aggressive powerhouse of screaming, grindcore metal that offers dark, brooding, and emotional vocal harmonies that are more mature and professional than one would expect from a debut project. Each track maintains that aggressive musical timing, feel, and presence, yet each brings a unique perspective to the genre as in\error explores different themes and concepts. The contrast between opening tracks “Give It Up” to the following track “Leave” is an example of this contrast, as vocalist Jesse McGivney trades the screaming, throaty vocals for a clean tone that explores his natural range. A daring effort by all accounts as vocalists tend to shy away from showing too much range as they try to pigeonhole themselves within a select sub-genre. In\error however, fully embrace this diversity as they trade back and forth the screaming and the natural tones. As a further example of the diversity of in\error, “Caving” takes these vocals and incorporates backing vocals which are able to harmonize the leads filling the listening space with ease and precision. “Spiraling” is another track incorporating natural vocals and high-end falsetto. Throughout each track, the rhythm shapes the vocal phrases; the drums consistently change timing, tempo and add structure to each rhythm figure, which allows the guitars and bass freedom to let loose dynamically.

As a debut offering, Death by Design is mature and professional. The production on this album is well-executed, with all the frequencies expertly separated, allowing the overtones to ring out crisp and clear. The allotted headroom allows this EP to be cranked up to high volumes without any added distortion, and let’s face it, high volumes in all this album should ever be played at. This album will be an excellent addition to any modern metal playlist as its intricate riffs, brilliant vocals, and killer grooves make this an enjoyable EP from beginning to end. I expect great things from this act as they continue to grow and hone their craft. So what’s next for in\error? Perhaps we will be seeing these Salt Lake City guys offering tour support to other metal acts or being exposed through more video plays. Whatever the result, these guys are going places.



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