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Singer/Songwriter Talon David Releases New Single

That little voice in your head. Or maybe it’s that wiggle in your gut nudging you when you’re talking to someone you don’t trust. We all have different feelings and reactions when the word ‘instincts’ get brought up. Trust your instincts, we hear time and time again. In her new song, “Instincts”, singer/songwriter Talon David crafts a far-reaching sonic blend of pop and adult contemporary rhythms. “Instincts”, co-written with celebrated songwriter Thornton Cline, is available via Clinetel Records. It’s an impressive reminder that no matter our age, we should listen to that invisible voice – as you should also listen to David’s “Instincts”. 


I may be right, I may be  wrong, my intuition is leading me on, follow the impulse…I’m gonna follow my instincts, David sings. Her vocals hover over a smooth mix of piano, bursting percussion and a tempo that feels ripe with integrity. She matches the colors to her voice with the complexity (and highly approachable) piano arrangements. You feel something in her voice that you don’t often get in indie singers, and certainly not artists just starting out their careers. David has prowess in her voice that is typically reserved for evergreen artists. I felt an instant connection. 

David, whose other songs include “Deep Snow” and “Not My Problem” (a Top 5 in the Top 100 Euro Indie Network Charts). What’s evident is that as her discography climbs, so does the honesty in her work. Bubbling under the surface of her voice is a finely-tuned fever that feels like it’s going to burst wide open. “Instincts” doesn’t have the flash of a dance track, but it certainly has a powerful impact. You can easily get lost in the rhythms. The percussion in this track is lighting struck – you feel like it was a eureka moment. To me, that really matches the whole instinct vibe in a nutshell. It comes to you quickly and it hits home.

David rides the wave of the backing rhythms cautiously with her voice – but doesn’t give into the chaos. The music is exciting and is a great tandem partner to David’s lush vocals. Kudos to David, too, for the piano emphasis. I thought it gave the song a mature luster, yes, but also a very elegant and beautiful sheen. I can only project, but perhaps the piano is a metaphor to the butterfly. David is a young woman discovering how she can fly, and how she can emerge from her younger self. The piano flavored the song with spring-like tones and flowery imagery. 

“Instincts” is one of those songs that fills you up. It is the song that you need to hear every morning, and even when you’re hitting that wall in the middle of the day. The magic that music has – you know the one that it just feels right and you want to repeat the song over and over as your new favorite jam  – well, “Instincts” has the legs to be that type of song. Follow your instincts on this one and give it a spin. 

Mindy McCall



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