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Everything About Writing A Musician Blog: Where, How & What About?

Modern users of social media value blogs where people are sincere, open, and share their life experiences with their ups and downs to keep others motivated under various circumstances. The number of music blogs where musicians not only promote their new albums and announce the upcoming concerts but also share their thoughts and attitude to modern music styles, tell about their career and personal life, what difficulties they meet on their professional path and how to overcome them with dignity.

The main condition for all modern blogs is writing content from yourself, putting your mind and soul to each post, avoiding delegating it to your assistants like pay someone to write your dissertation.

By writing this post, we would like to share common tips on how to start your own musician blog and successfully promote your art.

Choose the style of your blog

Blog style includes its color palette, types of content – pictures, pictures with text, videos like Reels or IGTV, live videos, stories, promotions, etc at your convenience showing the goals of your blog. You should find the most suitable way to communicate with your audience, engaging them to continue following you and interact with you and your content. Being honest and sincere with your followers is of great value as it shows your attitude to your fans and ensures you will never feel alone or broken as your followers will always support you in the hardest times.

Creative content is pivotal

We recommend creating a monthly content plan typing the type of content you are going to publish each day. However, the content should be interesting and engaging like videos from music sessions from the studio or with other musicians. It can also be interviews with famous musicians or sound producers who can share tips from musicians-beginners on how to become a real professional. Content that requires interaction with users is also one of the popular ways to attract users. As a writing service best paper writing service recommends any questions to your audience related to a particular topic, awards and gifts for being active on your page, daily life storytelling to make participation effect for your followers, etc.

Promote your concerts

The promotion of upcoming events with your participation should be accurate, not to overdo. Showing the ads with the concerts proves you to be a good musician recognized by people in your country or even worldwide. To attract followers more, you can make giveaways for each of your concerts giving your fans several free tickets or the opportunity to go backstage.

Think of a catchy stage name

Musicians commonly create nicknames that are easy to remember to remain in the public eye. The stage names can be related to how your parents or friends usually call you, meaning it has to mean something from you, not just a random name from nowhere. According to custom writing service best essays, with the growth of your popularity, your stage name is going to become a real brand used for merch production.

Choose the platform for blogging

It is not obvious to choose Instagram as the primary social media platform where you can create and develop your musician blog. Of course, Instagram and Tik Tok are now considered to be the most popular social media all over the world where bloggers can get millions of followers. However, it would be hard to tell people about the professional musician path as users used to watch beautiful aesthetic videos and dances with no point loads. As for Instagram, the advertising requires regular investment to promote your blog while Tik Tok actually does not. You can pick any other platform for your music blog like Tumblr, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Behance, and others.

To sum everything up

The competition among music bloggers is rather high and you have to find your key differentiators and peculiarities to discuss them in your blog being on the same page with your target audience. Musician blog doesn’t make a celebrity once away and you should obviously remember that. People love seeing the real side of being a professional musician, getting the tips from your blog which they can use in their personal or professional life, especially during complicated periods in their lives.



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