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Bobby and The Crew Drop “Conqueror of Love” Single

Bobby and The Crew keep it short and sweet with their single Conqueror of Love, an upbeat pop song that begs you to groove to it. Bobby and The Crew are an alternative rock group based out of Norway, who aren’t afraid to visit other genre’s like Blues Rock and Pop. Conqueror of Love is a unique track that incorporates elements from these two genres effortlessly. With prominent trumpets and vocals with slight reverb, Conqueror of Love, blends the best of Blues Rock and Pop to create a match made in heaven.

There is a confluence of instruments on the Conqueror of Love. Imbuing this track with the vibe of a live performance. Immediately, the horns make Conqueror of Love a force to be reckoned with. They tease you in the opening of the song, then come back for the bridge (an effect that gets you grooving in your seat). The drums serve as a perpetual heartbeat throughout the track, helping keep the tone uplifted. The melody builds tension before crisp vocals come in to enliven the instruments into a sultry Pop song. Bobby and The Crew don’t ever let the vocals and melody clash, this allows the music to really shine.

With such an upbeat melody, Bobby and The Crew stay true to their alternative rock roots by keeping the vocals even and sensual. There is an inherent cheekiness that is highlighted by the heavy instrumentals but is never obscured by them. This propels Conqueror of Love into a unique yet formidable Pop song. There is something innately daring and provoking about this track that has me listening to it on repeat. It’s a Pop song that makes its own rules, with percussion and horns that give Conqueror of Love a slight Spanish flair.

It would be easy for a melody like this to hijack the overall feeling of Conqueror of Love, losing all pop influence. Bobby and The Crew’s well placed reverb and echo’s keep the vocals grounded. It’s the attention to detail that keep’s Conqueror of Love in a sound that is all that its own. This track isn’t afraid to be playful, tantalizing the audience with clever lyrics in the first  and second verse about creating your own destiny. Paired with vocal’s that have a sultriness that you often find in the songs made for Bond movies, this makes Conqueror of Love a stand out single for Bobby and The Crew.

Bobby and The Crew have provided us with a wildly uplifting dance track you never want to turn off. There is a deep knowledge of music that can be heard in the production of Conqueror of Love. I still can’t get over how it feels like the track pauses for you to dance and shimmy to it, or at the very least, clap your hands. This feels like a song made to get people to have fun and more importantly, to let go. Bobby and The Crew became a full time project in 2021, it’s safe to say we’re the lucky recipients of their guaranteed magic!

Mindy McCall

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