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“u n i.” from Dici

Miami based Rapper, Dici, is back with his newest single, “u n i.” Dici, is one of those outrageous personalities that seems too outlandish to be true. He’s a model, a rapper, a songwriter, a producer, and an entrepreneur. He’s also, barely out of high school. Originally, from Italy, Dici spent time in Japan, but now resides in Miami, full time. You could call him something of a polarizing type, but he’s far from who he’s actually destined to become.

The grammatically impossible, “u n i,” comes at you like a speeding bullet. Dici barely keeps up with the pace, he sets for himself, as he squeezes a ridiculous amount of syllables into a 3 minute track. His rhyming skills are evident, from the jump, but this is a higher bar he has set for himself. Notorious for being his own producer, Dici is committed to bringing the sounds he hears in his head, to life. You could argue the technical quality of “u n i,” but the young artist succeeds in achieving something novel, here.

The most glaring issue is that the track seems to get away from Dici at times. It’s almost as if “u n i” is a stolen car, and Dici is deeply embroiled in a high speed chase. The most likely takeaway will be respect for Dici, for attempting something so challenging. He’s one of those artists that’s constantly at risk of being judged by what’s on the surface. Truth be told, he doesn’t exactly shy away from his entitled and narcissistic persona, but there is more to him than social mongering.

We laugh and we cry/we live and we lie/baby I wish it was you and I. It’s hard to tell if Dici is looking for love, or is just picking the lowest hanging fruit. Beneath the exterior of a self-obsessed adolescent, seems to beat the tender of heart of a neo-romantic. But there’s also the calculating songwriter, who may love the muse’s purpose, more than the muse, itself. All of this, of course, amounts to a greater complexity than most would assume.

The entire concept of Dici, is one that continues to unfurl in unexpected ways. The single, “u n i,” is ambitious AND minimalistic. It sees Dici at his rawest, and yet, most experimental. There’s a lot to get excited about, when it comes to this track. However, it may ultimately fall short of being the most flattering example of Dici’s range. What is for certain, is that Dici is making great strides to separate himself from the pack. Many of his peers, couldn’t even conceive of something as forward thrusting as “u n i,” let alone go through with it.

All things considered, “u n i,” will have people talking about Dici, again. He just boasted a million streams on Spotify, so it’s safe to say, he’s doing something right. When it comes to marketing, and packaging, Dici has proven to be more than self sufficient. Like it or not, it appears that Dici, is here to stay.

Mindy McCall



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