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Greye’s well-orchestrated new single “Everything”

Greye’s well-orchestrated new single “Everything” is the latest in a string of popular charting releases from the Daytona-based act. They’ve established themselves as a popular regional act, without question, but Greye long ago targeted global markets with their music and their ambitions paid off for a succession of tunes. “Everything” demonstrates their rare talent for refurbishing past material. It has been said that a work of art is never finished, only abandoned, and Greye would likely agree.


“Everything” was originally written by guitarist Jett Wolfe for Greye’s 2016 sophomore album The Worrier and, despite playing it a few scattered times during the touring for that release, the song semi-slipped through the cracks. 2020, however, changed everything. The ongoing ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic gave the song and its message new relevance for drummer Ray Grimard.

He began pointing this out to his bandmates, particularly Wolfe and vocalist Hannah Summer, and the band’s creative wheels began turning. The new version of “Everything” hatched from their conniving isn’t wholly different from its almost six-year-old predecessor, but the changes Greye brings substantial changes to the song. Summer structures her vocal in a different fashion than we heard in the earlier version and it injects the track with much more attitude. There’s an urgency heard from Greye during this song that’s impossible to deny.

Wolfe’s guitar playing invokes several genre voices, blues among them, while sparkling with plenty of melodic value. Summer’s vocal talents are nothing less than dazzling and there’s no question that “Everything” strikes a chord for her going far beyond the mundane. The way she attacks song speaks volumes about her passion as well as her artistic and musical gifts. The song’s production treats her voice as another instrument while focusing its musical firepower towards listeners.

The production sparkles throughout. It gives “Everything” far more cumulative punch than it ever had in its fine previous incarnation. Grimard and his rhythm section partner bassist Lorenzo Rizzardi build enormous momentum for the track from the outset while remaining careful to never push down too fast on the gas pedal. Their work never overshadows the guitar playing and provides a strong yet mobile foundation for the song.

Building the song around a traditional structure doesn’t deny them the opportunity to place their own stamp on the track. You hear Greye’s signature in the particular blend they achieve of instrumentation and vocal phrasing that canvasses familiar territory with distinctive flair. They say there’s nothing new under the sun and that’s true, perhaps, but there’s always a way, if you have the skill, to pour old wine into new bottles.

Greye can do that. Their skills reach far beyond that, however; the lyrics for this song can be heard in an open-ended way, it doesn’t have to be about the pandemic and its effects for you, but the song will touch a nerve for many who have lived through this tumultuous time. It isn’t difficult to expect they will continue to keep working at this high level.

Mindy McCall



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