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Single Review: See Your Shadow “Simple Special Moment”

See Your Shadow has released the song “Simple Special Moment.” The song will be enjoyed best by those who enjoy listening to music that tells detailed stories, and in particular ones that involve romance.

The song begins with acoustic guitars, followed by the lead singer setting the scene by singing it is “3 am on a Sunday” and the “neon sign says open all night long.” He takes listeners through a scene of him in a diner at the middle of the night. Listeners soon gather that he quickly developed a crush on his waitress. In the chorus, listeners hear word for word what he ordered and what he remembers about her that night: “I’ll have scrambled eggs/Grits and toast/The smell of bacon filled my nose/She confessed she had a tattoo/I spilled coffee in my lap/Said a four-letter word/Made her laugh/And we shared a simple special moment.” It is a unique take on a love song, as not many focus on moments as seemingly simple as this one. However, the emotion with which the lead singer delivers the lyrics sells listeners on his passion. In the second verse, he goes on to describe a time where this same waitress meets him at a radio meet and greet, and he excitedly tells her he remembers her.

Michael Coleman, lead singer of See Your Shadow, says it best: “We encounter so many people, strangers, that add that moment of joy to our lives and give us a memory that we never forget.” With “Simple Special Moment,” he created a song that can make anyone smile.

To learn more about See Your Shadow, visit their website ( You can also find them on Facebook, YouTube, or your music platform of choice.



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