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“Ballers Club” by Gabby Gabanna

Even her name, Gabby Gabanna, sounds like it was made for the stage. In her new single, “Ballers Club”, Gabanna is the star of the show when it comes to deploying a gripping rap and infectious beat. “Ballers Club” ignites the listener’s ideal situation for a night out and even more so, what might be happening between the sheets. Rousing indeed, “Ballers Club” is actually an empowering song from Charlotte, North Carolina’s slaying emcee. Gabanna’s song is out at the right time and feels like it was made for this very moment. 

“Ballers Club” has a zesty, almost surreal beat. I felt the rush, the momentum of the charging electronica hitting me hard. I suppose it’s like the way confetti pops and that initial fire stops you on your feet. Gabanna has a voice that begs to be heard, and sleuth-like that you don’t even realize you’re falling under her spell. She’s fused her vocals so effortlessly into the music that you’re almost hypnotized by her siren-like calling. While she repeats many of the words, the song grabs you from the get-go. It’s all about the beat for me. It just stays with you and makes you feel alive. 

Gettin’ money, Gabanna raps. Her voice is nearly swallowed by the zig-zagging, crisscrossing samples. I envisioned this downpour of love, ecstasy like highs and piles and piles of money. Neons, vibrant colors and lots of mirrors – it’s a whole new world that is all about living the big life. “Ballers Club” is Gabanna’s entrance into the ultimate VIP club and we all get passes. She’s inviting us into this party and man, oh-man, do you want to stay for the entire time. “Ballers Club” has that perpetual motion groove happening. It’s almost like you need to take a breather, and press pause to catch your breath.

I wouldn’t say she’s at the same rap tempo as Tech N9ne but Gabanna can sure drive those lyrics. She has a smooth delivery and one that reminds you she’s backing it with quite a punch. I loved the way this song took me to strong places of the mind. You feel unstoppable listening to her track. Need a workout song? This checks the box. Need a pump me up song to get to work? This checks the box. Need a track to just get you through the day and make you feel like you’re the king or queen of the world? Yes, this checks that box, too. 

Just for fun or maybe to let loose, “Ballers Club” is the epitome of entertainment. I do think this is just the first inning, the first act if you will, for an artist that has a lot on her mind. This quick and highly satisfying preview to her full album is tops. Gabanna has a lot of fun in this track and it shows. “Ballers Club” is definitely one of the year’s most interesting beats and it had me on my toes. You could also say it had me wanting more songs from this talented hip hop artist. 

Mindy McCall

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