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New Music by Valerie Pascale – I Like the way that

Iconic artist Valerie Pascale is on the move, in a never ending pursuit to entertain and excite her fans, she has released a new track – “I Like The Way That“. In commentary she says: “the song is about someone who is in love with their best friend, but is afraid to say it. They keep giving them signs or trying to show them that they are meant to be. The main questions are: There is some passion between us both, but is it something more than a simple attraction?

Does the other person have feelings as well or is it all in my head? Should I give it a try or should I not ruin a perfect friendship?

Are they catching feelings too or are they simply being kind?

So many questions can remain unanswered between two people… Should we give it a try?

This song is about being somehow stuck in the scary so called “friendzone”. It isn’t healthy for either sides to remain friends with someone only in hope that they’ll take us as their partner one day. We can’t force love, it finds us.

Valerie Pascale is a spirit that flows through the air like the silky and seductive sound of her voice, it captures you in the moment and you can’t help but sway to the beat of her heart.

Valerie Pascale, hailing from Thetford Mines, Canada has a family history of music and the arts flowing through her body and soul. A grandfather with an accomplished career in Opera and a grandmother known in arts circles, it is no wonder she has a future so bright.

After moving to Montreal for Her studies, she excelled in her craft and now possesses a sound level of music professionalism, making radio ready hits time after time with her distinct voice and sound. 

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Valerie can be found online:

Instagram at: @iam.valeriepascale

Facebook at: Valerie Pascale

YouTube Channel: Valerie Pascale

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