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Norman Alexander Releases Instant Classic “The Reason”

Earnest man in love signs the blues. The archetype for sharing affection and devotion is on display on The Reason, the latest single from R&B/Soul singer Norman Alexander. This elegant, sophisticated number channels the deep-hearted passion Norman Alexander fashions into his vocals. With a superfluous baritone performance, Norman Alexander explores the theme of redemption, passion, and atonement by use of metaphor and lyrical imagery; “What do you do when your world burns down, and you’re the reason?” Accompanied by a simple yet harmonious piano melody, The Reason maintains a steady slow tempo pace while each passage builds of the tension of the previous. This resolution of tension at the conclusion of each cadence is alternatively achieved by using strings to harmonize the piano or a powerful upper register vocal that grabs the listener’s heartstrings. Since its release, as of this review, Norman Alexander has already amassed over 90k views of the beautiful video, which features Norman signing a powerful, evocative performance contrasting with images of flames burning to symbolize the exact point of the world burning. The dark characteristics of the narrative make complement the lyrics quite well.

The Reason would be a perfect fit for any Urban, Adult Contemporary, or Middle-of-the-Road commercial radio playlists. The infectious vocals are easy to listen to, and the lyrics are quite hypnotic. The melodies are familiar and classical, focusing purely on the emotional reaction Norman Alexander gets from his audience. The Reason is a song that can be listened to on repeat indefinitely. The powerful themes speak to each listener as they resolve their own problems and pain, as a song of this nature should. The production on The Reason is expertly executed, with all frequencies carried out across the sound space clearly and crisply. The high overtones of Norman Alexander’s voice carried out over the low end of his deep vocal passages and never interfered with the piano or strings melodies. The Reason is more than just an enjoyable track; it’s marvelous and captures the essence of pure Soul and emotional R&B. This track should receive plenty of airplay, as it is bound to become an instant classic.

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