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Single Review – Angel Hilson – Just This Once

             “Just This Once” delivers a beautiful romantic sensibility, thanks to Angel Hilson’s uncanny ability to craft an affectionate product. A hybrid approach for sure, intimacy comes into the sound, which helps add to the power of her words. Everything here goes for a hint of grandeur, small yet significant in its evolution. The wholeness of the sound sparkles, for the insistence on capturing each nuance of the sound works wonders. By far though, the highlight comes from her voice. Such power comes through one that is filtered into a unique worldview. Lyrics too, seem to further anchor the song, guiding it along at its own careful pace.

               The expansive scope of the sound means that every detail matters. Vast space seems to be implied throughout the song. Little snippets of sound waft up into the air further, lending it a dreamy quality. The work unfurls in majestic, careful ways, full of an intensely felt desire. Kaleidoscopic at times, the work seems ready to burst at the seams. This sense of tension truly propels the whole sound rather than anything structural. By insisting upon this rather strict adherence to the groove, the main focus instead shifts to her voice. Quite thoughtfully, she lets the rest of the piece gradually almost fade away by the final fleeting moments.

               Angel Hilson certainly balances a careful, considered arrangement on the powerful, stately grace of “Just This Once.”

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