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Things You Shouldn’t Do On the First Day of College

College is exciting but also comes with anxiety. You have no idea what to do or where to go. You also meet strange people whose ranks and intentions are unknown. A small mistake could ruin your entire college life and spill beyond. The right action will also transform the whole college experience.

A college is a place for adults. It also comes with civilized rules that are easy to follow even without acknowledging their existence. The first day in college shouldn’t be marked with mistakes. As such, here are crucial don’t for the first day on campus.

Be late

It will be the first time attending many meetings and platforms. Keep time. It is a rewarding habit that will transform your college experience.

Check the pamphlets and notices on all meetings. Purpose to get to the venue before the time indicated. It allows you to choose the best position to enjoy the action and engage persons who prepared the meetings.

Keeping time ensures that you do not miss any of the proceedings. There will be crucial announcements and a chance to welcome first years. You may also be recognized and earn the chance to represent first years. Keep time to avoid giving the wrong first impression to friends and mates.

Ignore academic accessories and materials

What are you required to purchase? What academic sessions are you supposed to attend? Do not ignore these requirements. It will be an expensive mistake that could spill into the rest of your college years.

Buy the books and gadgets indicated in your admission letter. You will be ready for classes immediately after they begin. You also avoid exhausting your finances before buying the crucial items you need for your academic activities. Take the time to look for websites where you can be paying someone to do my assignment. You will be set to begin your college life.

 The first day on campus will define your experience. Make the most of the day by attending orientation sessions. Give a good first impression to friends and lecturers you interact with. You set the pace on the first day.

Keep off people

Get out of your hostel and class. Meet fellow first years and the seniors you will be sharing the campus with for the next four years. Take the time to interact with staff members and inquire about campus life.

You are likely to find yourself at a campus with no relative, friend, neighbor, or former classmate. Do not be holed in your dorm room or stick to one place. Make friends on the first day and begin building a valuable social life.

It is very easy to make friends on the first day. Everyone else is as new as you are. They are also looking for friends and directions. By remaining in your dorm or failing to approach people, they see you as antisocial. They also group and find other friends, making it difficult to mingle in the future.


The first day on campus is a chance to make an impression. People are impressed by decent and stylishly dressed persons. They are approachable and will be trusted for future engagements. Dress to impress on the first day.

Dressing style will earn you respect from the first day. It also defines the kind of people you pull as friends. If you are casual and unkempt, some people will keep away. If you are in a suit, people who love suits and formal dressing will approach you.

Dressing choices also give you the confidence to interact and go places. You can ask questions and get into offices where you are received appropriately because of your dressing. Start your college days by dressing appropriately. Set the pace for your style and define your character through your attire.

Over-engage or gossip

Most of the people you will meet on the first day are strangers. They want warm and dependable friends but not gossipers. Tame your tongue and choose what you say.

Over engagement makes you appear needy and forceful. Continue engaging people who respond to your advances. Keep the chat general and decent because you have no idea who you are talking to.

For instance, you may express strong religious or political sentiments to a sensitive person. You may also gossip about an organization or event to a person it has helped. Keep low and learn people. Remain subtle in your discussions to avoid offending others or appearing like an extremist.

Restrict yourself to the same people or group

Mingle with as many people and groups as possible. While you attend your lectures, expand your circle of friends beyond your classmates. Make friends with people from other faculties and departments. It expands your view of the campus and offers variety to your engagements.

It is tempting to look for friends you went to high school with. You are already friends and will keep interacting. Get out of that circle and make new friends. It will give you a new experience.



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