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Single Review: Kenton Place – “Roses On The Wall”

Kenton Place shows what hard rock ought to be on the undeniable force of nature that is “Roses On The Wall.” The whole song stuns with impeccable vocals shouted on top of a massive churn of sound. Drums pound away with fury. Riffs race on through done with a degree of dignity about them. The buildup of the work proves to be of the essence. Patience helps this allow, for they make sure to really spread out over the course of the track. Best of all, the vocals intermingle, adding their own unique imprint onto the piece.

The song starts by setting the mood. Upon that first rip on the guitar, the rest of the song quickly falls into place. Lyricism here matters a great deal for their verses cut to the absolute bone. It is done with a stunning bit of beauty and has the pace down to a tee. Throughout the work, they draw upon a sheer force of nature. Ebbing and flowing along, there is a great deal of thought to it, which features prominently. It is quite a spacious experience, and there is some beauty to it that feels quite meditative. Cycles make sure that the rest of the song has depth to it.

“Roses On The Wall” revels in its ferocious fury, for Kenton Place proves to have impeccable chops creating a wild whirlwind of sound.

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