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Single Review: Seth Jacobsen “Count on Me”

A lovely hit of 80s R&B with a contemporary futuristic glimmer, Seth Jacobsen lays down an impressible track on the powerful muscle of “Count on Me.” Synthesizer here honestly could not be more perfect. Combined with the beats, he brings together the past and present in a way that has a refreshing honesty to it. Besides the R&B lick, electro-pop, industrial, EDM, and more are elements filtered through his unique worldview. Perhaps the best part is his vocals, which really grab the listener in a big way. With a compelling soulful quality reminiscent of The Weeknd’s work, a grandeur of sorts settles into the equation.

The intro gives off the electro vibes quite clearly as if it was directly penned by the recently disbanded Daft Punk, all the way down to the brittle textures of the chords. Of course, he lets the rest of the sound build on up to become a virtual wave crashing over the listener. Lots of distortion adds to the wild trip, for there is an intrinsic joy about the entire thing. While minimal, this addition of small yet significant elements ensures that there is a power about it, an intensity that becomes all the more consuming with each additional cycle. Carefully done, the song comes to a rather delicate finish, returning back to those initial brittle textures.

Seth Jacobsen features a joyous series of sounds on the beguiling nature of “Count on Me” and is poised to attract new listeners and critical acclaim.

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