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Exclusive Interview with Adam Wissman

Hey Adam, thanks for making time to talk with us today and answer a few questions. Great to chat with you. You have a new single out. Tell us all you can about “Rage Quit”. 

Rage Quit is about what it truly feels like to be on the losing end of your favorite game. The term sore loser gets elevated to the highest degree in the world of online gaming. Basically what I mean is that a gamer can get extremely upset when on the losing end of their Xbox or PlayStation. Rage Quit was composed to try and capture these emotions through sound. The low tuned guitars and metal section of this song resembles the moment when you are truly seeing red in the heat of battle. It’s when your character has died or lost a race for like the 20th time. I came up with the trap beat and main guitar riff to resemble a musical theme for a video game character. Almost as an introduction for them and the journey they are about to face. The main theme makes a return at the end of the track to create a full circle in the story line. This is the narrative I was trying to build when composing Rage Quit.

Is it just you when you go to record music or do you work with others? 

It is all me! I program my drums and track bass and guitar! I have my wonderful mix engineer David Shuhandz mix and master my music as well. 

What stories do you want to tell in the music you put out?

I try to create a narrative using music. A lot of my music is inspired by my favorite video games and the stories they tell. For example my single “Rage Quit” resembles a boss battle in a video game. Rage Quit also is a term that is used when losing in an online session and suddenly quitting the game out of anger. 

Are there any rules you set for yourself when you know you have to concentrate on making music?

No rules! I believe in knowing when things are flowing naturally when writing and recording. Some days are better than others, but I always try to have fun when laying stuff down. That is why I usually record several tracks and will select only a few when it comes to releasing them into the world. 

What are the interactions with your fans like when you hear feedback from them about your music?

Usually it is positive. I get a lot of compliments about my guitar tone and phrasing. I really do try to sound like myself, and I feel that my audience appreciates that. I have always drawn inspiration from others, but I try to mold into my own sound as best as I can. 

How do we keep up with all that you do and check out your latest release? 

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tik Tok to know when my music is being released. You can also follow me on all  music streaming services including Spotify and Apple music. 

End of Interview



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