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Pete Miller Conjures Johnny Cash On “A Light Out There”

Pete Miller holds nothing back on the raw grit and fire of “A Light Out There”. Conjuring up imagery of Johnny Cash, the song has an intensity to it. With so few elements to the sound, he manages to shake up those sparse ones to bring them to life. By far the highlight comes from the sheer determination of his voice. The energy never lets up it only increases with the duration of the journey. Everything about the sound has an atmospheric presence to it for it virtually soars up into the sky in a joyous fashion.

               Right in the very beginning the song has a hushed quality to it. The quiet does a good job of setting the scene. Upon the song outright bursting at the seams everything starts up in a fantastic burst. Layer upon layer adds to the urgency of the work, which he is able to elaborate upon. Over the course of the journey he brings the listener along, making sure that he never deviates from his impeccable storytelling. Structurally the song swirls about. Nods to the early Mountain Goats also emerge for it has a force of nature quality. Whilst listening to it the way that the piece features his steely-eyed gaze is incredible. For the finale it races on through, all the way, throughout.

               “A Light Out There” revels in the exquisite charm of Pete Miller in delivering something that feels outright joyous to fully behold.




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