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“Fall 4 You” by Singer/Songwriter Sandy T

There’s a lot of good funk-influenced content coming out of the American underground at the moment, and in her new single “Fall 4 You,” singer/songwriter Sandy T shows us that she isn’t about to be left out of the trend. Truth be told, Sandy T is not jumping on a bandwagon right now with the sound she’s sporting in this latest release, but instead going out of her way to remind us that she’s been ahead of the curve with this aesthetic for well over a decade now, going back to 2011’s “Honest Woman” and before. She doesn’t hesitate to give us as much power at the microphone as she can muster, and as a longtime listener, I was not surprised at her panache in this most recent studio dispatch. 

The groove in this single isn’t controlling the pace of the verses, but instead the other way around. The lyrical substance of this piece is largely defined and emotionally shaped by the tempo of the instruments, but it’s Sandy T herself who is leading the charge towards the hook and beyond. This beat isn’t going anywhere without her verses to light the darkened path ahead, which is part of the reason why I would call “Fall 4 You” a bit more influenced by the likes of soul and blues music than some of this player’s previously released content has. She’s not afraid to diversify a piece of material if it benefits the narrative at hand, and anyone who would say otherwise needs to hear this song for themselves. 

This master mix is stacked to the brim with instrumental prowess, but at no point would I say that Sandy T’s lead vocal sounds overwhelmed by everything transpiring beside it. I wouldn’t have gone with as heavy of an arrangement with another singer at the helm of this project, but given the skillset that this artist is bringing with her into the recording studio, it’s alright to push a little more than other producers would have, especially with regards to her melodic output. She’s got a tonal wit that is both elegant and never exaggerated in “Fall 4 You,” which is an attribute that I can only wish to say about the majority of the players trying to compete with her this spring. 

“Fall 4 You” is a terrific new song and yet another intriguing addition to Sandy T’s longstanding discography of provocative content, and as much as I look at it as a highpoint for her releases landing on record store shelves in 2022, I don’t know that this is representative of a genuine creative peak for her artistry. She’s just got too much to express in songs like this one and “Why Didn’t You Stay” for me to assume that this is all she’s got left in the tank, and if I had to judge from the ambitiousness of her first two major cuts of the new year, her experimental side is about to start getting a lot more press than it ever has before. 

Mindy McCall

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