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“Trust In Me” by Francesca Beghe

How do you capture the spirit of protection? How do you put to song the words and the emotion of being a bodyguard and assurance to a lover? Just ask Francesca Beghe. Thirty-years ago she, along with co-writers Charlie Midnight and Marc Swersky penned “Trust In Me”. The song would go on to be covered by the legendary Joe Cocker and Sass Jordan on the biggest selling soundtrack of all time, The Bodyguard.  Beghe hasn’t missed a step and she transports the listener to a comforting space, a lovely sonic atmosphere in “Trust In Me”, the live cut from her upcoming Spring release, Francesca Beghe Live



The lead single from her new album is not only the perfect choice, but it also feels like it’s her signature song. From the get-go, the backing rhythms move the listener into a ready ‘to go’ flow. It’s such a fantastic sound that seemingly brews together adult contemporary pop and bluesy hues that ignite a soulful blend. The sound is lavish enough that you feel discerning as a listener but welcoming enough that if you were to walk into the club and hear this, you wouldn’t feel out-of-place wearing jeans. It bridges together classy and approachability. 

If you need someone to hold ya, sings Beghe with grace and poise. She continues, call me, I’ll be there, and if ever you’re in trouble, and you need someone darlin’, call me, call me, call me, call me. She doesn’t oversing and stays in her lane, swaying the listener to travel down that sonic road with her. Because it’s a live track, you can hear the audience. You can also easily become a part of the crowd and that roar is felt even if you’re listening to the track via a small Bluetooth speaker. Maybe that’s the real test of a great song – it sounds great no matter the size of the speaker. I’m kidding of course, but I’m serious about this song and Beghe. She’s absolutely wonderful and it definitely threw me for a loop comparing this to the Joe Cocker and Sass Jordan version. They are both incredible songs and I can’t say one is better than the other. I think the interpretation from Beghe hits me in a way, perhaps a more sensitive way because she’s a female. Still, maybe it’s more powerful because she’s singing from a female perspective. I’ll let other listeners decide on that for themselves. 


The percussion is just enough to get your heart pumping. But really, it’s Beghe that creates the caffeinated turns. I loved her energy. She really sounds like she just leaves it all on the stage. As if she were meant for this one moment. The sound is tight and it just elevates her voice even more. Francesca Beghe Live comes out of the gate very strong. Look for more show-stopping hits from Beghe’s collection. A great song doesn’t lose its legs from the wheels of time – “Trust In Me” gets better with age. High marks indeed for Beghe. 

Mindy McCall



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