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Noorani Pirani, a.k.a Noor, Has Released An Enthralling EP, “Phoenix.”

Noorani Pirani has stunned music lovers with his latest EP, “Phoenix.” The 6-track project, “Phoenix,” features Chicago-based top-notch musicians such as Sasha Go Hard, Trippadelix, JakeFromSpace, and Morgan Gold. Released under Noor Recordings on March 11, “Phoenix” is all about the journey of rebirth, transformation, and innovation. The singer has incorporated distinctive music and sounds to make this EP as thoughtful as possible. It captures the spirit of the Chicago streets and pays homage to Hip-Hop culture with its limitless imagination and enticing soundscapes. Music listeners will be moved to dance, put his music on repeat, and fall in love with the sounds of Hip-Hop, thanks to Noorani’s hypnotic rhythmic beats.

Noorani Pirani, popularly known as Noor, is a Chicago, Illinois-based musician. He is motivated by his desire for Hip-Hop, which manifests itself in poetry as an emotional release. Noor blends the drive to uplift and inspires others to follow their aspirations with the sounds and melodies of Chicago energy to create a unique musical experience. Noor has evolved to reveal his path through music while putting his sights on establishing a lasting imprint in the music industry. He is driven and disciplined in his pursuit of success. Noorani Pirani grew up in a chaotic family, where he witnessed domestic abuse, drunkenness, and a general atmosphere of negativity. Noor set his eyes on improving his environment as well as the path of his life since he was determined to climb beyond his environmental influences. Music became the instrumental tool that raised his spirits and provided him with a feeling of purpose as he saturated his route with concentration, hard effort, and a strong sense of determination.

Noor started rapping in his freshman year of high school. He got the inspiration to start rapping from Eminem. The singer says that he resonates well with Em and many aspects of his life, and that’s how Noor felt that hip-hop was his only outlet. He published a few songs during his high school, but he got serious in the last year of his high school. In 2014, he released his first EP titled “A Blessing and a Curse.” And from there, he began to make fans. Gradually Noor realized that he would need professional training to pursue a career in music, so he joined music at Columbia College Chicago to learn more about the industry and apply it to his own music. In 2016, he released another EP, “Validation,” which was praised by celebs like Heffron Drive’s Kendall Schmidt. In the same year, he became the first rapper to ever perform at Dubai’s World Trade Center. Noor even got an opportunity to open for Nike Bio and other artists. Noor’s music and rapping style stand out from the crowd, and he is determined to join the ranks of notable artists in the near future.

“Phoenix” is accessible on all major music streaming services, including Spotify. Follow Noorani Pirani on Instagram and his website to know more about his upcoming projects.

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