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Chris St John Releases “Fly Away” LP

Fly Away is a moving sophomore album from Singer/Songwriter Chris St John. Recorded in Nashville with legendary producer Stephen Wrench, Fly Away explores themes of grief, love, and the passing of time. St John started writing in 2020 and quickly amassed enough songs for two albums. His debut album I’m Dreaming came out in 2021 to rave reviews, so its no surprise that Fly Away is gaining the same kind of attention. St John’s breezy tenor voice is extremely versatile, allowing St John to explore any genre he desires. Fly Away blends St Johns personal  thoughts and feelings without putting himself into a box.


It goes without saying that Fly Away is a heartfelt album, St John masterfully makes the emotional an easy listening experience. Some albums or songs cut so deep you feel like you have to recover after one listen, you won’t have that experience with Fly Away. St John’s voice is one of the most mesmerizing aspects of the album, there’s a softness to his singing voice that soothes the soul. St John’s relaxed performance highlights his love for music and comfort in what he’s singing about. Title track “Fly Away,” is arguably St John’s most personal  and relatable track on the album. It chronicles his sons life from birth to graduation and his subsequent departure for college. No matter how truthful and emotional St Johns lyrics get, you could easily listen to “Fly Away” over and over again.

St John knows how to have fun on Fly Away. Songs like “Hey Siri” and “Me and You” stand out because of their thematic tone shifts. “Hey Siri” opens with an African groove that support St John’s clever lyrics on the role of social media in our daily life. While the sound of “Hey Siri” is unique, St John’s voice keeps it meditative and grounded. St John continues to shake things up with “Me and You” a ballad that features a narrative and Spanish style guitar. In it, St John croons about a traveling man who came to settle in the country and found love instead. Fly Away features love songs that make your heart swell with the magic of romance. On “My Sunrise” and “I Just Knew” St John sings about the profundity of falling in love and its otherworldly nature. Whatever genre St John gravitates towards, he excels in.

The shining trait of Fly Away and St John himself, is his vulnerability. Fly Away is a collection of songs that seek to understand the complex nature of life. St John’s openness as an artist is what makes this album so captivating to listen to. He manages to soothe anxieties about life as he sings about his own experiences with them. As you listen to Fly Away it feels like you can hear St John coming to a sense of understanding within himself. The grounded nature of his lyrics makes Fly Away an album you won’t be able to forget.


Chris St John’s Fly Away will make you feel seen and understood with one listen. There is something for everyone on this album and St John will never disappoint with his universal lyrics and honest observations. Fly Away is an incredibly creative album that seeks to uplift the heart and put the mind at ease, don’t miss it!

Mindy McCall



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