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10 Tips Enjoy Music Festival

Bring your own water bottle 

The summer heat is going to leave you thirsty all the time and you most likely don’t want to spend time waiting in line or buying a water bottle. When you have your own water bottle, you can remain hydrated at no cost and it is also good for the environment.

Planning your meals 

Festivals usually have a lot of food trucks, so you need to keep that in mind when going to the festival. There are some who choose not to eat anything before going so they can buy food from there. If you don’t want to pay the high food prices in music festivals, you can have a big meal before going and you won’t be hungry. 

Bringing sun protection 

The summer is hot, especially outside. You need to remember to apply sunscreen or you will end up regretting it when it is too late. Wear a hat and sunglasses because they will help with the sun and make you look cool at the same time. You need to always stay protected, whether or not your skin burns super easily.

Being prepared for weather 

It might be hot one minute and raining the next. You can end up in a thunderstorm, making it important to have umbrellas and raincoats. There are times when weather forecasts get it wrong, so don’t believe what they say when going to the festival. Bring proper supplies, even if there is a slight chance of weather change. Don’t end up miserable waiting for the sun to come so that your clothes dry off.

Using public transport if possible 

There are times when you are lucky to have the festival held close to a bus or train stop. It provides you with a cheap, easy, and stress-free form of transport. Use public transport to get to the festival if possible. The headache that comes with ride-shares and cars is not worth it.

Guarding your belongings and not packing too much 

Traveling light is good because it gets annoying when you have to carry a lot of stuff for a long period. Just bring a small backpack that can fit your phone, wallet, ticket, blanket, water bottle, and lights. You should also try your best to keep things out of your pocket. Keep your valuables stowed away when not in use.

Of course a festival wouldn’t be complete without some fun light up accessories, brighter, longer lasting, select your favourite LED necklace.

Wearing sturdy shoes

It might be tempting to look at festival fashion inspiration and wear what you see. But keep in mind that you need to be practical before being stylish. Festivals will involve a lot of standing, walking, and people stepping on your toes (there is also the risk of rain and closed shoes will keep your feet). Make sure your feet are comfortable so you can enjoy the festival for longer.

Having a designated meeting spot and time

This is a must when going to a music festival. If you plan on meeting up with your friends at the venue, make sure you have a time and place to meet up. There is a high chance of separating during the festival. Make sure you have a place where you can meet each other. You need to have your phone on because there is nothing worse than losing your friends in the crowd and having no way of reaching them. Have a portable phone charger or a power bank.

Having a plan and knowing your favorite artists

You should find out when your favorite artists are going to perform so that you can plan properly. You love concerts, but you most likely don’t want to spend your entire day there. There is a lot of things to do at a festival that are fun. Know when your favorite artists are going to perform then plan your day from there.

Reading the rules

Everyone likes taking photos when they are at the festival because it is going to remind you of good times. Before leaving, make sure you check out the festival rules and see if the camera you have is allowed. There is nothing worse than getting to the venue and realizing you shouldn’t have the camera.



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