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5 Steps on How to Make a Skylight Shade

Sunlight is the natural source of getting light during the day without using electricity. It feels very calming when, in the early morning, a splash of sunlight comes from skylights. But as the day rolls down, the sharpness of the sunlight becomes very harsh and warm, which provides discomfort. The light of the inner house should be soft and delicate during the daytime and afternoon. So, to function cleverly in this matter, you must have the idea of skylight shades, which provide you with control over the sunlight during the day. The shades offer energy efficiency, UV ray protection, and excessive light and heat control. Skylight treatment serves functional and decorative purposes to intensify the interior of your room as well as helps you cover direct skylights. The shade is made out of fabric, cellular materials, polycarbonate, and thermal material to block extra light and UV rays. 

5 steps to installing skylight shades at home 

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to install skylight blinds and shades.To complete the work without an expert, follow these steps:  

1) Materials assembling 

Materials that are needed for this project are easily available in stores or you can find some of them in your house storage. The list of the materials are:- 

  • Acrylic or polycarbonate sheets of any old tablecloths and other cellular sheets, thermal sheets, pleated sheets that are intact. You can buy them as per your choice from stores. 
  • Fabric glue, small screws, small dowel rods, measuring tape, cutting ruler, screw driver, drill, holdbacks.

2) Measurements  

The most critical step is measuring your skylight entrance. Have enough time on your hand to measure the space as it needs a very sharp observation. Draw your markings on the possible corner to fix your tape for a proper measurement. It is best to measure after the café rods have been drilled to the edges. Always measure from the outer edges of the dowels, that can provide a complete blockage of the shade. After measuring, start to cut. Also, you can buy clothes according to the size and shape of your shade.

3) Cutting

If you have already cut the doweling beforehand, then it is good. If not, start cutting this time. Leave a little more than the exact width of skylights on both sides of the dowels. It will overlap the skylight portion to fix it with the head rails. They should be a little wider than the clothes. Have a good vision of the width and length of the skylight passage that you have measured and start cutting the clothes without ruining it. The width will be the same as the skylight or a very little more. Leave extra clothes in the length portion because some inches will go to sewing the bracket portion into which the dowels will be entered. 

4) Assembling or affixing the shade material 

Now the job is to fix the dowels or rods with the clothes. In that case, you have to make a small bracket portion on each side of the length by sewing them up to lock up small sections of the clothes to hold the dowels or care rods. The work will be done in the extra pieces of clothing that were left over from the cutting. You may sew an extra patch of long clothes in the middle to make room to hold another rod. It will help them to have a tight grip on the skylight, preventing hanging. So now all the sewing and making of the shade frame is done. 

5) Hanging it from a skylight 

The final step is to hang it up in the skylight space. In that case, attach four holdbacks to the two width corners as closely as possible. In that case, you have to measure exactly the length of the dowels. In that same distance, drill the holdbacks and fix them up with screws. If you have a fixed dowel in the middle, then you need two more holdbacks in the middle portion also. In that case, measuring is very important because a perfectly measured and set holdback gives an even finish. Also, it doesn’t cause any cramps or curls. After fixing the holdbacks as per the dowels, just fix the shade frame dowels into the holdbacks and you are all done.  


This content elaborates on the process of preparing the shades to fit your skylight and the installation process by yourself. You do not need to be an expert to do this. A thorough idea and good attention will do the job. It may save your extra money charged by professionals. Select your preferred clothes and colors as per your room and have a wonderful time making skylight shades with your family and kids.



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