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Partial Sum Drops “Just Listen” Single

When it comes to songs that capture feelings evoked by a true relationship, the cup runs over pretty fast. Love songs are a dime a dozen, and breakup songs even more so, but there aren’t a lot of songs that convey a balance between love and heartache, between angst and defeat. “Just Listen,” the latest from Florida-based Partial Sum, takes a stab at capturing the fragile balance of what it’s like to simultaneously fully love and hate something, and feel at times like you’re at total war with yourself and your emotions. Functioning first and foremost as a slam-dunk pop track is as confident a move as ever, but to tackle such a niche area of songwriting without making it as ambitious as possible can run the risk of catastrophe; luckily, “Just Listen” keeps things fairly genuine and, where some artists might favor pretentious metaphors to mask their honesty or hurt feelings, there’s no hiding the truth for Partial Sum, even amongst the energetic instrumental track.

There’s a great amount of risk in putting so much emotion and passion into a song so firmly planted within the confines of the pop genre but the overall informality of the songs that wind up within such a genre generally act as a way to disarm audiences when they seek out similar music; with “Just Listen,” the candy coating of a pop song sneaks in a deeper message.

The emotional core of the single relies on relatability, and the lyrics stay in the lane of pop songwriting by giving a few repetitive, catchy choruses to stay stuck, deep within your mind. Still, the subject of giving someone everything you have to only receive a cold shoulder treatment in response is discussed at length within the song’s verses: “Boy, I know you’re standing there, I don’t regret wanting you next to me. My eyes are so wide open, look inside, boy, I’m hoping. Sometimes I get lonely, and I don’t feel like you know me.” Reading it on paper, you’d be convinced this is a tearjerker of a piano ballad, but Partial Sum instills grand bravado and endless energy into the music behind the words and delivers one of the most unique pop music tracks of the year as a result.

Partial Sum seems confident with “Just Listen,” as it serves to function as the second single for their upcoming album New Beginnings, and their faith is more than well-placed. Not only does this single have the propulsion behind it to find success in the here and now, but it carries itself with a breath of far-reaching competence in regards to its lasting impression as a piece of Partial Sum’s musical legacy. Working in tandem with the previous single “First In Line,” there’s a defined awareness to the album release arc coming from Partial Sum. Fans will understandably find themselves riddled with anticipation in the lead-up to the album’s release. Until that happens, the repeat button will come in handy — sometimes the best medicine for a broken or spurned heart is music, and in that case, “Just Listen” is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Mindy McCall

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