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“When the Sun Comes Out” by ViennaCC

When the Sun Comes Out” has all the right moves and all the right grooves to set itself apart. Furthering that notion is the brilliant artist behind this gem, ViennaCC. Out of the ordinary and making its way to claiming that top spot as the next earworm to fill your days with, “When the Sun Comes Out” is unabashedly fun and friendly. All these days later, the lingering melodies and the charming collection of unique vibrations and folksy synthesizers fill my brain. ViennaCC conjures up the sincerity of the 60s Bohemian movement and infuses his gregarious personal brand. 

Taking his cue from the lockdowns or the idea of being sequestered for so long during the pandemic, ViennaCC accentuates the positive. The sun is going to rise and it’s going to come out – and we’re alive to enjoy it. His words are simple, and on first listen, the musical arrangement might seem just as simple. Below the surface, there are grand, intricate moments that once you start to pick apart the puzzle pieces, the song feels like a work of art. ViennaCC paints his sonic canvas with oranges, reds and marigold yellows. It’s like a synthesized symphony of sights and sounds of the perfect day. You can even hear a few birds chirping from afar. 

The movement in this song feels forward. I think it’s fitting because collectively we might be feeling that anxiety. One step outside, but maybe one step inside. The zippy sounds in the music bed seem to mirror that hesitation. I loved the way this song gets you a little jumpy, feeling a bit taller. Most importantly, you smile while listening to this song because you can easily imagine ViennaCC smiling while he sings.

The swift rhythms and beats are one thing, but the driving force to “When the Sun Comes Out” is the generous joy coming from ViennaCC’s vocals. This guy really enjoys what he’s doing and his infectious energy and love really reverberates to the listener. He seems to be saying c’mon get happy all-the-while a quirky synthesizer music plots along the sonic pathway. The song doesn’t contain a ton of lyrics, and sometimes, maybe because of his accent, the word annunciations can dribble into the next.I suppose it really fits though, because like letting the music take over, you just go with it. You just go with the flow. ViennaCC seems so happy-go-lucky with life you can’t help but join his little parade. It’s as if he were the pied piper of the village. 

Right away this song brought me into a better mood, a better state-of-mind.Though he sings in English, ViennaCC’s words and music in this track really cross barriers and languages. I think we can all collectively breathe outside and feel the sun’s rays and appreciate them more from here on out. There is a lot to be said about not having something for a while and losing a bit of freedom. “When the Sun Comes Out” is a simple, honest reminder that better days are indeed ahead of us. 

Mindy McCall

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