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Dynamyte – “Come Thru”

Singer/Songwriter Dynamyte doesn’t hide how she really feels with her new single “Come Thru.” This Indie-Pop hit cuts to the chase with honest lyrics that are beautifully expressed by Dynamyte. Throughout “Come Thru,” Dynamyte casually remarks on her lover (or friends) behavior and the disappointment it brings her. “Come Thru” came to be after Dynamyte’s friends bailed on her, leaving her alone in the club contemplating other people’s values and commitments against her own. Completed nearly a year later, with co-writers Myah Marie and Zak Waters, “Come Thru” is a refreshing take on someone who only has flimsy excuses for their behavior. With her distinct vocals and confident lyrics Dynamyte makes her presence known with “Come Thru.”

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“Come Thru” is an extremely accessible and relatable song, that captures how so many of us have felt at one point or another. While Dynamyte is singing from her own experience, it feels like she’s looking out for her listeners, reminding them that they deserve someone who values their time in return. Its the juicy lyrics that make “Come Thru” so real. Dynamyte doesn’t hold back, there’s no fear of how these observation may be taken since they’re rooted in truth. “I don’t understand/You’re mixing up your signals/Its getting out of hand/You so non committal,” is one of my favorite lyrics in “Come Thru.” Dynamyte knows what they’re doing, whether they think she does or not. The message is clear, don’t take her for granted.

The attitude Dynamyte has on this track is rather unexpected. It isn’t angry or offended, it’s much more resigned. She’s past the anger and frustration and is in the stage of not caring anymore, this imbues “Come Thru” with power. While some of the lyrics are accusatory (“No, I’m not a flex for your ego/Playing all these odds like casino/How are you gonna do that to me though,”) most of  “Come Thru isn’t. Dynamyte’s tone is really what makes “Come Thru” differ from other Indie-pop tracks. Her indifferent aura highlights the state of mind she’s in, making the bridge even more satisfying, “Yeah I’m done yeah I’m done yeah I’m finished/Yeah I’m gone yeah I’m gone if you ain’t in it/Let me down let me down hit my limit.” Dynamyte’s confidence and power is palpable on “Come Thru,” making this an infectious anthem for audiences.

The production of “Come Thru” is notable for its clarity and warmth. The song starts with a coffee house-esque acoustic guitar that merges with a drumbeat to add a depth to the track. Mix that with Dynamyte’s sultry vocals, edgy lyrics, and bright electronic beats that come in during the chorus, and you get a captivating hit. There is a good balance between the instruments and vocals, everything blends together without getting lost. Dynamyte’s remarkable voice is front and center on “Come Thru,” often reminding me of her musical influence Amy Winehouse. The balance between the earthy nature of Dynamyte’s voice and the lighthearted melody make her observations all the more compelling. “Come Thru” begs to be played in the car with the windows down.

Dynamyte’s fearlessness as an artist gives her a distinct and refreshing voice in the Indie-Pop world. I’m so excited to see what she does next, what topics she chooses to talk about, and the sound she continues to cultivate. Its clear that Dynamyte is on a quest to deliver raw, honest, and truthful music to her audience and frankly, we’ll be better for it. “Come Thru” is an honest song about navigating values, that makes for easy-listening. Whether you’re listening to ”Come Thru” because its catchy or because you’re in the same situation, you’ll become an instant fan of Dynamyte.

Mindy McCall



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