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Rosie Dean Releases New EP

Rosie Dean is everywhere, doing everything. I’m sure there are more worlds yet to conquer. She’s conquered TikTok thus far, amassing well over three hundred thousand followers, and she’s achieving one victory after another in the business world. Her position as Chief Operating Officer for growing multimedia force CK Productions, Inc. is a big reason why they are continuing to diversify. She earned a coveted degree in Drama from NYU and established her presence in both the film and theater world.

The music world is next. Dean’s first collection is an EP entitled All Grown Up and it delivers on that implied promise. Her opener “Bitter” propels towards listeners with an unwavering sense of purpose and never slips it into overkill gear. It has a sleek and streamlined sound pared down to its essentials – finding any dross on the song is a fool’s errand. Every song on this EP sounds like Dean began recording this release with a clear vision of what each cut should sound like and it surges with confidence.

The confidence continues shining through during the second song “Lifeline”. There is a definite emotional quality to each of Dean’s songs, perhaps more so here than anywhere else, but she balances it with significant detail. It works as a personal statement as well as hitting the necessary universal notes. Dean broaching such prized territory with her first release certainly promises even brighter days to come.

She incorporates guitar into the second track, but it occupies more backseat role. It does sharpen the song’s already piercing bite thanks to the energetic synthesizer lines and Dean’s exceptional words for the track. Writing memorable lyrics for music like this isn’t a particularly high hurdle to clear, the genre’s devotees aren’t usually searching for poetry or anything beyond one-note messages. Dean, however, writes a lyric that sounds ripped from her heart, just like the opener, and delivers it like someone with their back against a wall.

Another high point comes with the third song “Sirens”. It opens with the shrill wail of the actual thing before transitioning into the song’s introduction. The track is vocal heavy, as it should be. Dean’s voice sparkles with effortless likability and has prominence in the mix. The song’s pre-programmed instrumentation is important, however, thanks to the insistent percussive pulse pushing the song along.

“Rosé” ends All Grown Up with a song underlining the title. It is a look into every day life that we don’t often get from any song and this presumed glimpse into Dean’s heart will impress many with its eloquence and vulnerability. It does not sound false. It has more in common musically with the first track than the second and third but, taken together, it comes at the right place for these songs and illustrates her larger intentions. Rosie Dean has written and recorded a cohesive statement and the completeness of her effort suggests she has even greater achievements ahead. Let’s join her for what is sure to be a fun ride. 

Mindy McCall



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