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“Perfect Enough” by JoZie

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Pop Singer JoZie’s second single “Perfect Enough” is an empowering reminder to be kind to yourself no matter what. Poignant lyrics merge with cool electronic beats to bring this feel-good track to life. JoZie fell in love with music when she was 8 years old after she was given a karaoke machine. In 2020 she moved to Music City where she teamed up with writers Lacie Carpenter and Thornton Cline. Soon after her arrival she had a record deal and a debut single that held the number one spot on the World Indie Top 100 charts. JoZie and her team are currently working on her upcoming EP. “Perfect Enough” is the feel-good song you’ve been waiting for.

“Perfect Enough” is a self-love mantra in song form. It celebrates intelligence, strength, and confidence, along with timeless beauty. The song is a response to the agonizing beauty standards that are generated by social media. There is a general obsession with being flawless nowadays, which is often perpetuated through social media platforms that ignite insecurity in a lot of young women. JoZie expertly reminds her fans that being flawless is not all that its cracked up to be. What matters more is confidence, intelligence, and strength that you can recognize within. Those traits are timeless. “Perfect Enough” draws the conclusion that perfection is unattainable, its more important that you believe in your own power. JoZie sums this up with, “Close enough to perfection/What dreams are made of/She’s perfect enough.”

JoZie’s voice instantly caught my attention on “Perfect Enough,” its suited for the classic pop sound but also promises an enviable vocal range. JoZie’s range isn’t explored as much in “Perfect Enough” but it makes me curious what else JoZie is capable of. Her voice can be soft and evocative but also strong and confident. Its a fascinating mix that you can hear when she wraps up the song with, “She’s timeless, oh timeless.” There are a few moments where JoZie talks on the track, which aids in “Perfect Enough” feeling like the ultimate pep talk. I enjoyed that JoZie doesn’t have to rely on a musical persona or an attitude to convey the emotions in the song. She leans into her power and lets it guide her, which is what makes this track so heartwarming. Simply put, “Perfect Enough” makes you feel better. Its universal topic on loving yourself as you are, even when the world tells you that that is in some way not enough, its absolutely dynamite. JoZie and her team knocked it out of the park with “Perfect Enough.”

This is a song about loving yourself, which is still a rare subject to sing about. Only recently major pop singers have begun to focus their music on actual self-love. Songs that celebrate who they are, not what others want them to be. Often times songs of this theme are a response to an ex or directed at something specific, but the fact that JoZie feels like she’s singing to herself at times is what makes this song so empowering. It feels like a reminder, a ‘hey, don’t get sucked down that line of thinking again’. JoZie encourages listeners to remember what makes them strong and to love the new version of themselves. The best sentiment from “Perfect Enough” is that even when you lose sight of your own beauty (and magic), it’s still there. “Imperfections cloud her reflections, of all the beauty she can’t see,” is by far my favorite lyric to sing-a-long to, and trust me you can help but sing-a-long to “Perfect Enough.”

Its hard to believe that this is only JoZie’s second single, she has a hit on her hands. I’m so excited to see where JoZie goes creatively, what sound she chooses to explore, and what topics she decides to shine a light on. JoZie is bound to explode whether its with “Perfect Enough” or her upcoming EP, my suggestion is to get on bandwagon now. If you need to remind yourself of who you are “Perfect Enough” is the anthem for you.

Mindy McCall



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