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Not Ashamed Releases “In Spirit and Truth”

Not Ashamed’s latest hit “In Spirit and Truth” merges the power of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) with the energy of classic rock. Not Ashamed is pushing the envelope of CCM with their unique sound and musical approach. “In Spirit and Truth” is a single off the bands upcoming album, that’s set to release sometime in 2022. This single continues to highlight the groups love for music and Christian faith. As soon as “In Spirit and Truth” begins you’re transported to a paradise of your own making. Electric guitars merge with bagpipes and languid vocals to bring a whole new sound to rock worship. Not Ashamed has elevated what CCM can sound like with “In Spirit and In Truth.”

Not Ashamed’s sheer musical talent stood out to me when I first listened to “In Spirit and Truth.” From just one listen you can tell that these guys know exactly what they’re doing and how to achieve it, their vision is that clear. From the decision to incorporate the hypnotic sound of  bagpipes, to an incredible guitar solo, “In Spirit and Truth” is never what you expect it to be. The track evokes a sensation that you’re listening to it live by how expansive the chorus is. Lead vocalist Richard Varno leans into the lyrics making them evocative and powerful. The guitar backs up Varno’s classic voice by adding depth and texture to the lyrics while the drums keep your blood flowing. “In Spirit and Truth” seems to rise higher and higher with every bar, eventually culminating in a jaw dropping guitar solo and final chorus.

The inclusion of bagpipes was the last thing I expected to hear on a rock worship song. Bagpipes are known for their distinct wail and are often not associated with modern music, Not Ashamed found the intersection between the two. The bagpipes guide you into “In Spirit and Truth” by setting the scene for the rest of the instruments to come in. The bagpipes are then layered beneath the other instruments, serving as the foundation for “In Spirit and Truth.”

Although they’re not as prominent as they are in the beginning of the track, they ground “In Spirit and Truth.” The bagpipes could’ve been treated as a one off to get your attention but Not Ashamed chose to include them putting a twist on what a rock worship song can sound like. I commend Not Ashamed for thinking outside the box and including such a unique instrument you wouldn’t expect to hear. This choice seems like a key trait of the groups artistry and future.

There’s something so captivating about “In Spirit and Truth” that makes you hit replay the moment its over. Is it the bagpipes? The unbridled guitar solo? The lyrics? Its not just one thing, its the convergence of all these elements that make “In Spirit and Truth” incomparable. Not Ashamed didn’t sacrifice their sound to convey their faith and didn’t have to lessen their faith so they could sound more like a rock band. Instead the group has found a happy medium between their faith and their musical sound. Its clear that Not Ashamed knew that their music could fly higher and rock harder than what’s currently out there. “In Spirit and Truth” is imbued with Not Ashamed’s love for music and their faith.

“In Spirit and Truth” is the exciting new single from Not Ashamed, that’s indicative of an innovative upcoming album from the band. Not Ashamed carved themselves a unique position in the CCM genre with “In Spirit and Truth.” There’s no telling where they’ll take their sound but its clear that it will be somewhere you never thought CCM could go. I’m looking forward to what these guys have up their sleeve and what other original songs they’re going to gift us with on the new album. Don’t miss “In Spirit and Truth!”

Mindy McCall



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