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Exclusive Interview with Caroline McQuaig 

We are talking about all things music with Caroline McQuaig today! Excited to chat with you. Share with us a little about yourself and how you got into music?

Thank you so much for having me! Music has always been huge for me, but up until recently it was usually paired with theater. Broadway was the goal for most of my young life because it seemed like the ‘safe’ version of a career in the arts. I find that hilarious now, but it makes sense. I think I always wanted to put out original music but it felt too vulnerable to voice that desire. I first felt like a songwriter when I wrote a song with a friend in high school, took a hiatus to major in musical theatre, and then jumped back into music my senior year. It has been a bit of a crazy ride in terms of my career path, but I’ve loved every second.

You have a new single coming. Super exciting. What can you tell us about it?

Yes! The song is called “Main Character,” and it’s a driving, nostalgic, empowering bop that I think is really going to get people moving. It has been a super collaborative process putting this song together- it started with an instagram story poll. I posted a choose your own adventure style series of prompts and let my followers tell me what to write about. This is also the first song I’ve ever written almost completely in the studio. I had an outline and some ideas but it didn’t come together until I sat down with my producer, Wilson Harwood (Elevated Music), and really let the music inform the lyrics. The song also wouldn’t be what it is without my good friends and collaborators Sophia DeLeo, who streamlined my chorus ideas, and Quenton Ellis, who came up with the bridge idea. My band in New York, Jason Liebson (bass) Brooke Trumm (drums) Jeffery Penton Jr. (lead guitar) and Ian Morel (rhythm guitar), really helped me take what started in the studio and flesh it out into something you can party to. So for a song all about main character energy, it really took a whole ensemble.

What do you want listeners to take away or feel after listening to your music?

I hope listening to this song gives you space to feel confident, joyous, and like a total bad bitch. You’re the main character of your story!

2022 is flying by us, do you have any career goals for yourself this year? Would you be willing to share some?

Is it ever! There’s a lot that I want to do this year and some exciting things in the works. I’d like to release a few more singles, and also bring back my concert series, Siren Songs. It’s a series I started in 2018 to give women in music a platform and raise money for causes that are important to me, like End the Backlog.

Tell us your favorite things about making music.

My favorite thing about making music is the community it creates. 

Where can we find you on socials to keep up with your journey and get our hands on your new music?

I’m on Instagram and Tiktok @carolinemcquaig and you’ll find concert dates, new releases, and sometimes pictures of my cats on those platforms.

End of Interview



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