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“Too Late Again” by Trisha and Thara

A lush music bed and a snappy delivery – the sister duo Trisha and Thara excel at harmonies and keeping the listener entertained in the new hit “Too Late Again”. Dazzling with depth and carrying the song way into the night, “Too Late Again” conveys the universal feeling of being uncertain and not knowing what the other person is thinking about in a relationship. Proving to be both tender and exhilarating, “Too Late Again” has the makings of being the next earworm to top your playlist. 


Just as Avril Lavigne sang ‘why’d you have to go and make things complicated’, these teen singers capture that same essence of trying to figure it all out and unspool a tangled dilemma. “Too Late Again” has moments that feel very youthful – innocent yearnings aligned with open, honest lyrics. Then, just as the song’s bridge opens up to a broader sound, the levels seem to add up and different layers emerge. I like the way the duo’s synergy is natural. Certainly being sisters helps their voices melt together. But it feels so much more expansive than that – there is a genuine love and partnership in those harmonies. It’s just as easy to be lost and taken by their connection as it is to be escorted away by the ethereal music bed. 

And really, Trisha and Thara are the opposite of complicated. They don’t overdo the drama of young romance. They don’t make it too far-fetched and there’s a tinge of wholesomeness in this song that makes it ‘safe’ for younger listeners just testing the love waters. I think we can all look back at a time when we were still trying to figure out the other person, let alone ourselves. This song says it for those that are in those shoes – it captures all that is so great about young love. Optimistic but still a little shaken by the confusion, “Too Late Again” is easy to catch up to and puts the listener in the duo’s shoes. You might feel like you’re always too quick for expectations, or in this case, completely missing what you’re supposedly trying to connect with the other person on. Trisha and Thara keep it fun and they keep it real. You can close your eyes and listen to this song and feel like they are singing right there in front of you. 


The rhythms have a nice groove, and they leave their mark. I felt like the music stayed with me for hours later. I also felt like they really care about their listener because the duo is being honest with themselves. They are just singing words on a page – they have lived this story and they want to share their experiences. In that respect, they definitely rise to the top of the music traffic. With so many choices, so many songs hitting daily, “Too Late Again” has a huge, fighting chance to make it to the top. I’m glad I got on board early, and I’m certain Trisha and Thara are on their way to making this standout grow and grow. 

Mindy McCall



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