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Top Reasons Why You Should Watch Sense8 on Netflix

Sense8 is an amazing Netflix original with a separate fan base of its own. Even though the series could not manage to create much hype among the audience, we simply LOVE this show. It follows the story of 8 strangers all over the world who are connected telepathically to one another and are known as Sensates. But, before we find out all about the reasons one should watch this series, you can download it from RARBG, and see what we’re talking about.

Now, let’s focus on the reasons we love Sense8.

1: The Amazing Narrative

Yes, the storyline is complex in Sense8, and we’ll give you that. But, once you understand the complexity, the story starts making sense to you, and when it does, it feels beautiful. The telepathic connection among the 8 strangers from different parts of the world is awesome. You’ll fall in love with each of them because of how different their individual lives are and how they stand up to save one another telepathically when one of them is in danger.

That’s not all.

If one sensate feels an emotion, it affects the rest of the cluster. So, you can imagine how great their power to reason, imagine, believe, and love is, and it’s truly a brilliant series you should watch.

2: All the Right Reasons to Cry

There is no shortage of shows that can make you choke up from time to time. But, when you watch Sense8, you cry for the right reasons, and damn, it feels good. You’ll truly believe in the power of ‘Tears of Joy’ after you finish watching the series. The struggles of each of these characters will hit the core of our humanity and raise questions of ‘Who are We?’ The cathartic and emotional appeal in the season finale, especially the last 10 minutes when all sensates are reunited with their loved ones and make love, will surely bring tears to your eyes.

3: Oozing Out Sex Appeal

If you watch the trailer, you’ll know that Sense8 oozes sex appeal and will make you want to touch yourself in all the right places as you browse this show. The artistic lovemaking scene between Kala and Wolfgang was fan-favorite. Even though the show has its fair share of nudity, the Kalagang love-making scene is still on top even though Kala is fully clothed. Apart from that, Dani’s reaction to Hernando and Lito’s love-making instances is also pretty sexy, and we love that trio.

4: Light! Camera! Action!!!

The fight scenes are impeccable, and the way Sun and Detective Moon fight each other is sexy at its best. But the scene where the entire cluster is trying to save Sun from his brother’s men who wanted to murder her in prison is simply stunning. The whole gang relies on Wolfgang, Will, and Sun to do the action, and they save the rest of the pack many times when danger befalls them.

5: Funny AF!

How can a series touch our hearts so much if it excludes humor from the storyline?

It can’t.

Sense8 indeed made us cry for the right reasons, but it also made us laugh, and Lito was the humorous sensate who did this job most of the time. You’ll also find his painful reactions funny from time to time because of the way he acts. So, get tickled in all of your funny bones watching this series.

6: The Boom of Diversity

As we mentioned before that the show follows the storyline of 8 individuals worldwide, the Wachowski sisters did a great job by making the show so diverse. You can see the core of every culture here, from India to Germany and from London to Korea. In fact, when you see a shot of India, it’s actually shot in India, and the same pattern follows for all of the 8 characters and their motherlands. You’ll hear them speaking in their local language when they converse with their people, making you feel good about your origin.

Watch And Fall in Love!

Sense8 has many reasons to attract viewers, but most of all, it’s about the deep human connection that we feel with the people around us. Sometimes, these connections may not make much sense in the traditional norms but you don’t fall in love with someone because it makes sense. You fall because you feel. The series depicts this concept from time to time, and once you finish watching it, you’ll fall in love with your life all over again.



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