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 Snypa’s “Times2” 

Trap beats are showing up all over the place lately, from the deep cuts of the new hip-hop hitting shelves to proper club tracks stylized with a harder groove, but I don’t know that I’ve heard a set packing the pounce that those included in Snypa’s “Times2” are. Whether he’s rapping or letting the instrumentation set up the hook for him, Snypa is chased by a percussive force as stiff and imposing as they come, but with his natural skillset, he’s using this force to tell a story that is unique to both him and his artistry in general. 

Snypa isn’t nearly as dependent on the bass as one would assume from looking at this song on paper, but then again, it would have been wholly foolish to try and balance out his voice with a boisterous bassline likely too big for his style of delivery. He knows how to be subtle and exploit something understated for making a big commentary feel simpler in his music, which is something that I’ve seen a lot of his peers in the underground struggle with relentlessly in the past ten years alone. Technique matters in this genre, and he’s reminding us that here. 

The increased presence of the vocal counters the minimalist arrangement of the bass part perfectly, and I think that what we get out of this studio recording is probably pretty close to what Snypa would be able to do on the stage. He isn’t filtering out anything between his vocal and our appreciation of its place in the grander scheme of things here, and where some might look at this as being too brazen for an independent artist, I think this is the kind of tone-setting move this player needed to make right now. 

I do feel like Snypa is holding back a little bit at the microphone, but I can also understand why he is. If he comes off too aggressively with the verses, the melodic trappings around him are compromised and made to sound entirely different than they do in this setting. If I had a quarter for every artist that failed to acknowledge small steps like this one in making a hit single I would be a millionaire, but this is one artist at least who wouldn’t be contributing to my newfound fortunes. He’s got more integrity than that, and there’s no challenging it here. 

There’s no debating this one – “Times2” might just be a taste of what Snypa is able to do if given the tools to succeed, but it’s also a more formidable statement than his closest rivals will be able to put out this month. He’s certainly got the space to grow into this sound he’s setting up for the world in this single, but I think he would be wise to get on it now; there’s nothing to be gained by sitting on a talent like his, and he needs to use it for everything he can the next time he gets into the studio. 

Mindy McCall



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