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STONKS Bros’ “We Choose to Go to the Moon”

The first element that really attacks in the opening bars of STONKS Bros’ “We Choose to Go to the Moon” is the beat, and as the song progresses, I think it gradually becomes the most aggressive component of its luster. “We Choose to Go to the Moon” is a very heavy club track, featuring a much grander bottom-end and intricate melodies than what I normally review in the genre, but while it has some different details that give it a more sophisticated cosmetic look next to the competition, listeners shouldn’t think that STONKS Bros are one-trick ponies by any means. 

There’s a lot more to this single than its groove, and when studying the dynamic melody that ties together the beats in this song, I think it’s obvious that these players wanted to get as deep into the colorful end of the spectrum as possible without losing sight of the club-oriented structure here. I don’t find the indulgent attitude they take to this composition to be anything offensive nor outside the realm of rebellion – compared to what some of the other acts I’m following are putting out right now, this is a lot more assertive and refreshingly unpredictable. 

The synth parts here are pretty physical, but the drums tend to keep them in check just enough to avoid overkill. There’s no way that STONKS Bros sat down to record this without having the intention of using every bit of space in the mix possible, and they didn’t have a hard time soaking up the shadow of the beat with a melodic faceting that sounds both natural and warm in the big picture. “We Choose to Go to the Moon” feels as out of this world as its name would suggest, even if it doesn’t rock as experimental a standard as some people might be expecting. 

Don’t get me wrong – while I think the percussive force in this mix is responsible for getting a big groove going off the top of the track, it’s not the only source of movement here. The collective instrumentation is very potent, and it always feels like we’re listening to one solid piece rather than drums driving home the harmony. This is where STONKS Bros score a lot of points for getting technical because in comparison to what most of the players in their scene would have done, this is above and beyond intricate. 

If you’re just now hearing about STONKS Bros for the first time, “We Choose to Go to the Moon” might be the right song and music video to get you turned on to their incredible electronic sound. There’s no debating the intensity of this piece, and relative to what the status quo in this genre happens to be these days, it’s still an exceptionally charged number that wants for us to join in its discordant thrust. “We Choose to Go to the Moon” is another exciting moment for this act, but likely not the last track of its kind to emerge from their studio work. 

Mindy McCall 



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