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Exclusive Interview with Jayme Graves

You have a new single out titled ‘Melancholy Friend’. What can you share with us on what it was like to release this song and the creative process?

“Melancholy Friend” is my debut single, and the song is very near and dear to my heart. I started writing the song during the height of the Omicron outbreak and everything was shutting back down. It was really heartbreaking to have that happen again for all of us, but then people started telling me I had nothing to worry about. I had no reason to be sad and upset because things were “back to normal,” right? It wasn’t for me.

I’ve always had a melancholy personality, and during this time, I haven’t been able to “snap back” like everyone wishes me to. I don’t desire that, either. “Melancholy Friend” was written, in part, in frustration to those comments but also as a way of reclaiming being “the sad friend.” I sat down at my desk one day, feeling guilty for how beautiful of a day it was and I was sitting there, just… sulking.  I was looking at all the work I had to do and the hundreds of papers everywhere when the melody came to me. Immediately the words kept falling out, and I let my emotions take the lead. I needed to get out all I was feeling on paper, and the words “melancholy friend” kept coming out. Writing is the only way I know how to do that. It’s always been that way for me. 

When I can’t make sense of anything, I always write it out on paper. Verbalizing things in the moment is difficult, but something about putting the pen to paper makes it easier.  I never leave home without a notebook. 

Why did you choose to lead with this single?

I needed the song for me, and I knew several around me who needed it. With everything still trying to gear towards “back to normal,” people are still processing the past 2 years. Hell, I still am! That’s always been the draw I have towards the pop/punk/emo/metal etc style genres because they’re not afraid to name the things that lurk in the dark. In fact, they crawl to the dark side to understand the ugly parts of ourselves. And I respect that. I hope to do the same thing.

What do you want listeners to take away or feel after listening to your latest release?

I want listeners to know that you can be on a healing journey and still get sick of your own self sometimes. This song is for people who can acknowledge the good with the bad and vice versa. It’s ok to be the “melancholy friend” and be sick of it!

2022 is flying by us, do you have any career goals for yourself this year? Would you be willing to share some?

SO many career goals at this point. As an independent artist, there is a lot of work that goes into it. More than I imagined at times, but I’m so ready for it. I am hoping to play some shows out and about, safety allowing. I am also in the works of creating my debut EP as well that “Melancholy Friend” will of course be on.

I am working with some great engineers and musicians to get that to you all, so I hope this summer I will have something more to share with you all! 

There may also be a music video coming… stay tuned!

Tell us your favorite things about making music.

 There are sooo many things I love about making music, which is why I think I was born to do it. Some of my favorite aspects of the process right now include the joy of figuring out just the right word and learning how to build tracks to fill them out. Being an independent artist, I’ve had to wear several different hats, and this year was about building up some producer skills and learning about adding all the little things to a track. It’s fascinating. I’m very detail oriented, so I love getting into the weeds of this stuff! 

I’m always thinking about what guitar parts can fill out the song and what production tricks will make the track stand out. It’s been a learning curve, for sure, but I’m enjoying the challenge. 

Where can we find you on socials to keep up with your journey and get our hands on your new music?

Of course, of course! You can find me on instagram (@jayme__graves) and on tiktok (@jaymegraves). Or you can sign up for my mailing list at my website: “Melancholy Friend” is available now on all platforms!

Thanks so much for having me!

End of Interview



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