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“Deleted Your Number” by Aditi Iyer

“Deleted Your Number” is the latest single from India’s Aditi Iyer and, hopefully, the first from a longer release. The young vocalist and songwriter started singing at 3 years old and has pursued her passion with a single-mindedness that’s a staple of all top-flight performers. The Mumbai native has two prior EP releases to her credit that established her among the most promising young pop performers rising through the ranks. Her ascension has been much more meteoric than gradual, but the 17 years old seems to grow with each new release.

“Deleted Your Number” finds her talents operating on a higher level than ever before. It sounds and seems so simple on the surface, but “Deleted Your Number” is more than a kiss-off song to a one-time romantic interest. It provides unintentional social commentary, after a fashion – the history of pop songwriting has several legendary tracks associated with phone numbers and reflects how our methods of communication changed over the decades.

The song takes root in traditional structure whilst sounding thoroughly modern. Iver utilizes synthesizes, pre-programmed percussion, and other electronically driven instruments during the song, Light post-production effects are applied to her voice as well. It has the effect of neutering the song’s emotional firepower in many instances, but Iyer’s voice and songwriting radiate warmth and pathos.

She embodies a potent mix of relief and melancholy without ever succumbing to ham-handed dramatics. Her voice transitions well. “Deleted Your Number” is, essentially, built around three primary musical movements, and Iyer dials into the mood each section demands without a misstep. Her voice is capable of stirring highs and moving lows at an astonishing age, but she’s only going to get better.

The confidence is striking. It is near impossible to hear much in her music that smacks of hesitation and one can only assume the experience depicted therein is ripped from the pages of her own life. It doesn’t matter, however, if it isn’t. Iyer owns each line of “Deleted Your Number” like someone who has a personal stake in the song’s success regardless of its source. She positions her voice in close relationship with the music for a more well-rounded and complete dramatic experience.

This review mentions how the song is constructed around a handful of important passages and those portions of the cut highlight another of its strengths. Iyer has a veteran’s understanding of how manipulating dynamics makes for a richer composition and, as a result, “Deleted Your Number” generates impressive tension. It keeps listeners on the proverbial edge of their seats and waiting to hear what the next musical turn will be.

Iyer shows no signs of slowing down. Her music, as well, crosses any conceivable cultural barriers without losing its impact and touches on universal themes. Writing her own material gives her added distinction in a world where even otherwise excellent performers are reliant on writers to help build their careers. Her talents will only broaden and deepen with time and “Deleted Your Number” shows the direction they’re moving in. 

Mindy McCall



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