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Bramses Xalyxys Dropped His New EP “Mysterious Warrior”

Known for his unique compositions, Bramses Xalyxys released his latest offering last month, “Mysterious Warrior,” which is distinguished by a metallic gleam. Bramses successfully created an audiobook through music in “Mysterious Warrior,” where he takes music and fantasy fans on a celestial journey. The artist guarantees that the listeners’ journey includes an old element as part of the narration. As a result, the experience is immensely significant. The storyline evolves within each song, allowing the character development to take on a wild and uncontrollable existence of its own will. Starting with “Prayer Of The Lost Warrior,” it sets the overall tone that follows. “Swords That Deserve To Be Ruled” is a tumultuous piece of music that holds nothing back, with the percussion pulsating about in a frenzied manner throughout the track. The guitars burst forth with distorted fury in “In The Black Flames, There Is A White Battle,” culminating in a tremendous change of the rhythm. “Secrets of a Warrior” adds suspense to the proceedings by taking unexpected twists. “Blood Of My Leader” has a sense of grandeur to it, with riffs interwoven to create a wide sweep. And “Through Our Veins We Feel Your Kingdom” perfectly concludes the EP. 

Bramses Xalyxys is a versatile artist noted for his one-of-a-kind compositions. A significant chunk of his work focuses on discovering and introducing previously unknown interplanetary worlds. ‘Mysterious Warrior,’ the first part of a three-part EP series, is entirely dedicated to the characters and the story they convey. It is full of meticulous attention to detail, and it revels in Bramses Xalyxys’ ability to create an atmosphere that transports the listener to a fantastical world. His music is influenced by rock and metal, mixed with pop and electronic dance music. 

“Mysterious Warrior” is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify. Make sure to turn your volume to maximum to immerse fully in the narrative. Follow Bramses Xalyxys on Instagram to get information on his upcoming projects.

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