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Tips To Find Best Recording Studios in Orlando

Recording studios are an imperative aspect of a musician’s career path. Although the task may seem simple enough, it is a difficult task, especially in music-loving states such as Orlando. The search process needs to be accurate; the budget constraints should be met, and the studio should possess all the essentials, including world-class infrastructure and equipment.

Now, the question is how to find the best Orlando recording studios. The state is home to around 20 studios, attracting budding musicians from all over the country. Orlando even organizes the renowned Florida Musical Festival every spring season, which gives chances to 250 bands and solo artists from all genres. Thus, one can surely expect the rise of many good project studios.

Here are some relevant tips that can assist musicians in finding some of the best studios in Orlando.

Quality Infrastructure Always Matters

Quality always takes a supreme seat when availing of professional services. There are different musical instruments and recording mechanisms available in the market. However, good quality equipment always helps a musician make a mark in the industry.

Thus, it is possible to seek a studio that possesses flawless equipment, such as microphones. Online websites and reviews are the relevant ways to find out about the musical infrastructure available in the studio.

In addition, the studio should also have quality instruments in bulk so that no artist has to wait to use the instruments.

Contemplate Recording Needs

Considering one’s recording needs is an important aspect of searching for professional Orlando recording studios. The first consideration is the type of music that an artist wants to record.

What is the studio style that an artist is seeking? For example, commercial to independent studios, catering to personal service?

Thus, it is advisable to search for a project studio that effectively meets an artist’s recording requirements.

Some studios in Orlando provide just a few services like music production, arranging, and recording. But it is advisable to search for one which provides a wide range of services like mixing, mastering, editing, and sound design.

Check what music styles are on offer

The city of Orlando, and much of Florida in general, has seen the invention of several metal bands like Morbid Angel, Obituary, Monstrosity, Nocturnus, and Kamelot. Since the studio would obviously offer the option of recording metal, you should check if they accept other styles like hard-core, jazz, Latin, Indie, folk, alternative, gospel, and reggae.

Forming a List Helps

A nearby studio can be really useful for an artist as it will save time and effort and also save the artist from unnecessary exhaustion. Forming a list of all the studios near one’s location helps. This helps in gauging the location of a recording place.

Also, this can help the artists compare different aspects, such as reviews, quality, and costs involved.

Types of Equipment

It’s a good idea to check the equipment a studio has. Select one that promises diversity with quality. For example, check their selection of mics and if it includes names like Royer, Neumann, and AKG.

Check if they have a grand piano from a reputable company that promises the best sound quality and notes. You could also check the kind of console they have in their feature room and whether it can produce round, dark, and rich tones.

Vintage gear is another thing you might consider checking. Recording with vintage studio gear has its advantages, one of which is superior quality. It also lends your piece a classic touch, giving it a timeless feel.

Scheduling Availability

Scheduling availability of a place should adjust well with the artist’s project deadlines. As the recording process of an album takes ample time, the selected studio should offer enough scheduled time to the artist.

If the artist cannot get a relevant schedule for recording purposes, it might delay the process, impacting the quality and cost of the project.

All recording studios in Orlando have their own recording times, and that is something you should inquire beforehand. For instance, they might have a session clock with specific timings. You should also ask them for the cancellation notice, just in case you might be unavailable for the recording.

Recording Space

A recording place should also have enough space for an artist’s recording purpose. The physical space available in a studio should be able to cater to an artist’s accommodation needs, whether it is a band or a solo singer artist.

A cramped project studio can have an adverse effect on the quality of the recording. Limited space can hamper the artist’s creative abilities, limiting the success rates of the recording as well.

For example, you could try searching for a recording studio in Orlando with at least 3,000 square feet of area, big enough to accommodate a tracking room, control room, and relaxing lounge.

Cost of recording

Many recording studios in Orlando charge between 30 USD and 50 USD per hour while requiring a minimum deposit of at least 75 USD. They might also ask you for a 25% non-refundable deposit for a session reservation.

It is better to ask about the prices beforehand to prevent misunderstanding later on. Studios with high-quality equipment and more features will usually charge a higher price than others. 

Final Words

Recording studios play an essential role in carving an artist’s musical journey. With planning and research, seeking some of the best Orlando recording studios can become quite easy.

Also, the tips mentioned above can lend a helping hand to all kinds of artists, whether beginners or professionals, in selecting a relevant recording studio.



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