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G Wildin Drops New Single/Video

It’s become increasingly popular in hip-hop to put a lot of emphasis on melodicism, but when G Wildin does as much in his new single “Mission,” it nonetheless sounds original and cutting. While he isn’t blending verses with a harmonious singing style that has melded with trap in a lot of underground scenes recently, he’s using the instrumentation as a foundation from which he can launch some of his sharpest lines of dialogue.

He’s got a strong poetic sensibility, but it’s getting even more focus in this release because of how he’s going about framing it. The lead vocal is integrated with the instrumental aspect of “Mission,” and I like that the mix doesn’t mince any elements as a means of creating muscularity. Truth be told, I think G Wildin is already swinging around enough physicality at the microphone to compensate for a less than brutal bassline, and had he gone with something just a bit more indulgent than what we’re listening to here, I don’t think we would have been able to appreciate his lyrical depth as much as we can in this instance. Rather than flaunting frills, this is a player actually trying to say something.

This beat isn’t nearly as urgent in tone as the verses are, and I think there are a couple of occasions in “Mission” where it feels like G Wildin is nudging the groove alone a little more than any percussive componentry is. Once again, he’s got the punch to do so as a vocalist – the rapping he’s putting forth here is as pushy as it is deliberate, which is not exactly a combination that I come across a whole lot in the American underground. The balance lets him lead the charge in every department here, and that’s a special attribute under his belt to say the least.

By using the understated groove in this single to make the catharsis of the lyrics more tangible to the audience, there’s never a moment where G Wildin sounds dependent on a synthetic hook, or even some solid instrumental melodies, as a way of getting a hard point through to the audience. This kind of freedom could be dangerous if used recklessly, but I don’t get the sense he’s out of control in this release. His discipline is a main feature, and likely something that’s going to bring him a lot of love from the press in the future.

“Mission” is anything but hook-driven, but it still has a lushness that I don’t hear enough of in hip-hop these days. G Wildin is flexing some serious muscle as a songwriter and rapper in this piece, but I don’t think we’re getting his max potential just yet; there’s still more to the melodic end of this track that I want him to exploit better, and with the attention it’s going to bring his brand in both the mainstream and the underground markets, I think he’s going to have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate some growth as time goes on.

Mindy McCall



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