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“Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” by Pep Rally

Pep Rally appeals to the senses with their vivacious new single “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night).” Pep Rally is fronted by Tommy Joyner, owner of MilkBoy in Philadelphia, a popular  venue for recording sessions, for artists like Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus. Joyner is no stranger to creativity so it comes as no surprise that his band Pep Rally creates clever and catchy music. “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” is the first single off of Pep Rally’s forthcoming album, it features Joyner’s relaxed vocals and witty lyrics. “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” is anthemic in nature as it encourages listeners to throw caution to the wind and enjoy themselves. Pep Rally continues to explore these themes in the music video for “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” that features Joyner as a spiritual guide to two cheerleaders.

Immediately the melody of “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” is thoughtful and precise, setting the scene for a sleek feel-good track that’s just in time for warm summer nights. Joyner’s husky voice is mesmerizing as he gently croons each chorus. His vocals are complimented by synthesizers that turn this track into a unique tale of seizing the moment. The balance between Joyner’s gentle vocal performance and the upbeat nature of the melody makes “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” feel like a futuristic pop-rock anthem. The drums are prominent, enlivening “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” while keeping it grounded. There’s something familiar about the melody that’s reminiscent of music from the early aughts. Joyner never forces his voice, performing in such a laid-back way that makes everything feel effortless. There’s an unmistakable modernity to “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” that reflects all that Joyner has absorbed from his time running MilkBoy. He knows how experiment with his sound while making a song that stays with you.

The lyrics are the next stand out trait of “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” that had me on the edge of my seat. There is an air of spirituality that’s peppered throughout this motivating track that elevates it into something unique. Joyner mixes cheeky and heartfelt lyrics making “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” both personal and mystical. One of my favorite lyrics is “What if we took a short walk down the long driveway?/And found god waiting there inside a beat up car?”. Joyner continues to ask listeners what they would do if tonight was their last night earth. He poses the most thought provoking question of all with lyrics, “Would you hide from the terror? Or, try to find the silver lining?”. These deep questions blend masterfully with the anthemic aura that “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” has. Its impossible to listen to this track without thinking about how we spend our time and how often we take advantage of what life has to offer.

Its no surprise that the music video for “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” expertly captures the spirit of Pep Rally and the philosophical themes Joyner has woven throughout the track. Joyner stars as a guide to two cheerleaders who are in need of guidance. The cheerleaders drive around Philadelphia, picking up Joyner outside of MilkBoy before they cruise around the city. “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” captures the beauty of Philadelphia while capturing the choice we have between finding the silver lining, which is what Joyner guides the cheerleaders to see. The rest of the video features charming footage of children racing each other in a toy car that reminds you of the everlasting joy of being alive. “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” encourages listeners to keep moving and exploring all that life has to offer.

Pep Rally has an exciting future ahead of them with their latest single “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night).” It oozes life and artistry from start to finish, while highlighting Joyner’s musical knowledge and skill. There’s a philosophical feeling that permeates this track that gets you thinking about your own world view. “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” is a delicious upbeat anthem that encourages listeners to not be afraid of claiming any given moment, the music video captures this essence perfectly. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the good in life or the benefit that comes with every hard situation. Make sure to listen and watch “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)” you don’t want to miss it!

Mindy McCall



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