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MERLIN’s Music Takes Inspiration From Powerhouse Artists Bringing A Fiery Angle

By Lindsey White

Female artists have been setting the stage for empowering music in the past decade. Artists like Lil’ Kim, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion have embraced their strong voices and personalities to create music that expresses another side of the music industry. The female powerhouse, MERLIN, has taken inspiration from these artists and used it as a sounding board for her own unique musical style. 

With her clear, strong voice, MERLIN leaves no room to be misunderstood. Listeners can’t listen to a song without unconsciously tapping their foot and bopping their head as the beat drops into the body. She puts on confidence like a pair of sunglasses with which she views her world, self-assurance becomes the dance floor she invites us to join her on, and her lyrics inspire us to demand what we know we deserve out of life and relationships.

In her new release, “Recipe”, MERLIN brings her appetite for spice and sass to the table. In a swift move of intentional instruction, she takes the lead into the fiery heat of this powerful song, and creates a recipe for success and satisfaction. The spice lingers in our mouths long after we’re done singing along. The taste is addictive, the burn just enough to satisfy our craving for her sassy sound while still leaving listeners wanting more. 

“I think this track is crucial to my growth as an artist and as a woman.” confesses MERLIN. “Artists like Lil’ Kim, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and so many more have shaped and constantly challenge the status quo in a male-dominated industry. They embody an unapologetic and authentic version of themselves and use their craft to expand on their identities. That was my goal.”

“Recipe” is easy to envision on the stage – a powerful performance from MERLIN in the style of the artists who inspire her and an obvious opportunity to shoot sparks up from the stage. To listen to “Recipe” and MERLIN’s previously released music, follow her on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. Also check out her social media @THISISMERLIN13



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