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Jack Bronco Drops New Single

The new album by Louisiana Singer/Songwriter, Jack Bronco, is called Club X. It tells the story of a boy who is introduced to a cult, and his experiences from there. The album tackles heavy subject matter, such as mental health, depression, and suicide. As a result, we have an incredibly sprawling record that bends genres in a way that’s unconventional, even by today’s standards. A native of Baton Rouge, Bronco is emerging as a somewhat unlikely provocateur.

Club X is well stocked with material that all seems to connect in a non symmetrical way. The title track is a somewhat jarring departure into otherwise untapped territory. There’s a guest vocalist who sounds like something of a counterpoint to Bronco’s default melancholy. Then again, the entire premise for this track seems to be reason over rhyme, ironically. If nothing else, “Club X,” proves that Bronco has almost literally covered the entire spectrum with this effort.

“East Of Eden,” continues the trend of leaning into Hip Hop tropes and vernacular, but with a slightly gritty undertone. Bronco proves that he can create or capture a mood with relative effortlessness and/or a sure proof formula. “Solette” is most notable for its clever and calculating use of soundscapes. The guitar opts for something of an era approach on this one, but truth be told, it’s this tone that defines the album in several cases. “Neck Break Speeds,” hears Bronco waxing poetic on his high school experience. One of the more novel tracks on the album, “Neck Break Speeds,” evolves into a tale of sweet revenge.

Something of an atmospheric piece, “Skins,” has what could be described as an almost rainy texture as opposed to being simply dreary. It boasts the sound we become somewhat accustomed to on Club X, but again, Bronco manages to get you in the feels. “Holocene,” joltingly hears Bronco leap into Pop-Punk terrain. With an ecstatic wail that is clearly out of his range, Bronco repeatedly decrees that, I’m really not ok. Somehow, this song ends up being not only listenable, but striking, perhaps based on energy alone.

“Hotels” is something of a quintessential track from Club X, as it absorbs Bronco’s endless well of influences to arrive at something novel. With Club X, Jack Bronco has more than hit the bulls eye. This is the type of record that requires an invested commitment, but can also be enjoyed, casually. Many artists pontificate themselves as being artistically adventurous, but Jack Bronco has redefined the concept with Club X. It will take multiple listens to even begin to scratch the surface of this album and even then it’s still something of a mind-bender. To describe it as being deeply layered is an understatement. It’s the type of artistic achievement that not only gives an artist credibility, but carves out their own personal place in history. Club X is now available to stream on all major platforms.

Mindy McCall



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