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The best music to listen to while indica seeds at home depends on your own personal preference. Cannabis likes 1970s trippy Prog Rock, although it doesn’t need to be too loud to bother your neighbors. You can also listen to Bach or Spiritual State. Just make sure it isn’t too loud to disturb the neighboring plants. Music that can increase your yield by twenty to seventy percent is beneficial to cannabis growth.


Scientists have long wondered if Bach is the best music to listen to while growing marijuana at home. According to one study, plants respond positively to music as early as germination. A study conducted by Myth Busters found that exposing cannabis plants to classical music produced better results than a control group. Both death metal and classical music were effective at increasing the strength of plants. It’s not clear whether these effects are permanent, but they are still worth investigating.

In the main grow house of Sticky Buds, Elias plays classical music. It’s been noted that his plants grow faster and yield more than normal when the music is played. Elias believes that the music affects the plants in a way that they respond to a human’s emotional state. Matt Lopez, another grower of Northern Lights, plays Bach in his grow room. It can help him concentrate and help him relax.


One Colorado medical marijuana dispensary owner has discovered that listening to classical music while cultivating cannabis plants can increase the THC content. The master grower at Sticky Buds says he’s seen a “surprisingly high” increase in THC levels when playing classical music in his growing room for as long as five hours every day. In fact, the Denver dispensary is looking into installing automated music in their grow rooms.

Beethoven’s Rite of Spring is another excellent choice to listen to while growing marijuana. This avant-garde piece was inspired by the Russian countryside. It was intended to accompany pagan rituals and imagery related to springtime, auguring a good harvest. The composition balances loud and quiet in a way that is comparable to many natural counterparts. It has both a romantic and a peaceful nature.

Spiritual State

Cannabis plants don’t have ears, but humans do. We use our mechanoreceptors in the ear to detect sound, a vibration of molecules moving through a medium. Sound waves travel through compressed air, where they are detected by the mechanoreceptors. When these cells sense a change in pressure, they send a signal to the brain, causing the sound to be perceived.

Different genres of music have different effects on plants, and cannabis is no exception. Music can make plants happier and grow faster, but you have to be careful to avoid disturbing neighbors. For instance, some marijuana strains can grow faster and produce higher yields with music from 70s trippy prog rock. While most cannabis grows in a dark, quiet environment, loud music can make neighbors uncomfortable. Unlike nature, music may encourage the growth of your plants by up to twenty percent.


Besides the usual relaxing and entertaining activities like a trip to the movies or a day in the park, one can also listen to hip-hop music while growing marijuana at home. The latest invention is the Seedo, a robotic cannabis planter that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to grow marijuana without any human intervention. Not only is this device great for marijuana growing but it can also grow a variety of other plants like fruits and vegetables. The company is presently working on a major marketing campaign in North America and has partnered with a notable rapper.

While many people associate cannabis and hip-hop with different things, the two have a long history. Hip-hop has become a global phenomenon, influencing many people across the world. Many people start with Mexican immigrants smoking marijuana in the early 20th century. But in reality, marijuana and cannabis are woven together in such a way that many consumers still listen to it today. In fact, hip-hop and cannabis were closely intertwined during this time.

Avant-garde music

If you grow marijuana, you may want to listen to avant-garde music while growing the herb. This type of music explores unconventional techniques and ideas to create unique music. Avant-garde music is considered experimental, radical, and unconventional, and often pushes the boundaries of accepted norms and status quo. The avant-garde movement is best understood in the cultural realm, but it has been used in many other fields as well.

The avant-garde music genre is a popular choice for cannabis growers, as it reflects the creative process and the spirit of the artist. The original composition of this type of music, Rite of Spring, by Beethoven, was inspired by the Russian countryside and pagan rituals. The music is said to usher in a new season, and the sound of springtime is often associated with a good harvest. There are many natural analogs to avant-garde music that can make for a great listening experience.



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