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Copenhagen’s GZLZ Drops New Album

Copenhagen’s GZLZ has released his newest album, entitled 2 Faced. 2 Faced is an amalgam of Dance, Pop, and Electronica that is both consistent and, at times, non-descript. As for GZLZ, his performance across the board is disciplined and engaging. He slows it down to allow for some “let me up” moments, but he’s bound to get people on the dance floor as well. One of Denmark’s most exciting new artists, 2 Faced will be a pivotal release for GZLZ.

Singing in perfect English, GZLZ has all the swagger of a young Enrique Iglesias, but arguably, a wider range. On “Lo Siento,” GZLZ taps into acts like Luis Fonsi and Bad Bunny for a decidedly Latin-flavored track. His delivery and enunciation are seamless, once again proving just how versatile of an artist he is. Highlighted by its terrific chorus, “Not Enough” is the closer of the album. Can’t steal my thunder/I’ll just find another/I’ll be lookin for her/since you think I’m not enough. GZLZ can spin a phrase like a few others, adding inflection at just the right moments.

“What U Need” has something of a salsa backdrop and is one of the most malleable tracks on the record. There is little that would need to be done to make this song a potentially massive hit. But overall, with a slightly brighter mix and a few minor tweaks, “What U Need” is a global juggernaut. “Favourite Secret” would seem to be the flagship of an album called 2 Faced. It’s unclear if the song is referencing infidelity directly, but it’s heavily implied. This one would strengthen any slow jams countdown list on any R&B radio station in existence.

“This Way” is the song that will be voted, most likely to be remixed. There’s a lot of room for experimentation on this one, but it’s also more than effective in its original form. GZLZ gives one of his strongest performances on this track, maintaining a register that is rather difficult to. With a vocal that is dripping with both zeal and vulnerability, “U Got My Love” is where GZLZ proves he has the potential to dine amongst the elite. The phrasing and arrangement of this track are on par with what you would hear from some of the most lauded songwriters in the business.

GZLZ may indeed be one of the best-kept secrets in Pop Music at the moment. Of course, 2 Faced is likely going to drastically alter his current status. An album this rich in potential chart-toppers is like a prone carcass in a savage jungle. GZLZ will need to be careful to navigate his way going forward, as with 2 Faced, he is in possession of precious cargo. This album satiates yet doesn’t overstay its welcome, leaving the ideal amount of intrigue surrounding GZLZ. For fans of this genre, or genres, 2 Faced will be a guaranteed addition to their playlist. The record is now available across all major streaming platforms.

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