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Considering how legal marijuana has become in Colorado where you can also buy cannabis seeds, you might think about listening to some cannabis themed rock and metal music. The best choice for the mood of a joint session, though, would be the slow doomy death grind by Cephalic Carnage. This song is very fun to smoke to, too. The band also plays “The High (bong) Watermark” from Sleep. You can find other great albums by these bands on Spotify.

Sleep’s “High (bong) Watermark”

The latest stoner metal album from Sleep is a true masterpiece. Recorded 20 years ago, this seventy minute masterpiece is long enough to blow through your stash. The subtitle says it all, “Drop out of life with a bong in hand.” Clearly, the album’s title explains its purpose. Aside from being a great stoner rock album, Sleep is also a solid group to watch if you’re looking for the best weed music around.

Purple Pantera

In their early years, the group sounded more like traditional rock and metal bands, but their sound veered more towards the heavy side. In particular, the band’s first three LPs – Metal Magic, Projects in the Jungle, and I Am the Night – were heavy and sludge-like. While Pantera had previously been fronted by a different singer, Darrell Abbott’s father – Jerry Abbott – was credited with producing the albums. However, they changed their direction after meeting Metallica and Master of Puppets, and eventually parted ways with Glaze.

Pantera broke the mold of glam rock and embraced the ethos of a more authentic band. The lead singer, Phil, was a former boxer and was a trained boxer. In addition to his heavy-metal roots, the band’s name was synonymous with authenticity. Among millennials, many first heard Pantera music during an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. Nickelodeon was credited with creating a generation of headbangers, and he was the perfect band to break the mold.

Ghost OG

If you’ve ever wondered how to take a joint while listening to heavy metal or rock music, you might have come across the new strain Ghost OG. Despite the sexy name, this cannabis strain has very little psychoactive properties. Although it does produce a head high, users may feel munchies, dry mouth, and dry eyes. To combat these effects, drink plenty of water. The sedating effects of Ghost OG mean that you can consume it during the day without the fear of driving yourself crazy.

The medical benefits of this strain are numerous. It helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and lack of appetite. The music is also believed to stimulate appetite and increase motivation. In addition to providing a relaxing high, Ghost OG can also provide instant relief from many conditions, including chronic pain, muscle stiffness, and depression. It can even be used as a pre-workout routine. It’s definitely worth a try.

Fat Axl

There are numerous reasons to listen to Rock and Metal songs with a cannabis theme, and one of the most popular is the debut album of “Sweet Leaf.” The song was written in the late 1970s, with winking language that cast marijuana as a reliable friend. In addition to its infectious riff, “Sweet Leaf” is the standard by which weed metal is judged.

The use of marijuana is prevalent among extreme metalheads. Marijuana has long been an important part of the subculture, and the band Cannabis Corpse made weed jokes in its songs. One example of this is their song “Sentenced to Burn One.”

Cephalic Carnage

While the genre of cannabis-themed metal and rock music is still a relatively new one, some bands have been making it for as long as 20 years. Cephalic Carnage is one such band. They are musicians with incredibly diverse skill sets, who have a knack for experimenting with their instruments. Although their music can sometimes be a bit repetitive, the band’s talent is undeniable.

The band is composed of death metallers from Edgewater, Colorado. They create a unique show by blending humor and riffing. Their songs cover classics from the genre, including “Abraxas of Filth,” “Endless Cycle of Violence,” and “Kill for Weed.”


The acclaimed stoner metal band Bongzilla hasn’t released new music in over 16 years, but they are back with their latest studio album, Weedsconsin. The band’s previous single featured sludge elements and droning vocals, as well as clean production. The new album features drumming that adds a sense of impending doom to the album.

Bongzilla’s style is unique and unmistakable. Their heavy, thick sound is reminiscent of stoner or sludge metal, with more low-end power. Compared to other rock bands in this genre, Bongzilla’s music is distinctly heavy and thick, and their influences are clear. The band’s name is an homage to the marijuana plant, and the music reflects that.



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