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If you’re a music lover and are looking to make your musical experience even more rewarding, you should try listening to music while high on cannabis. Marijuana has several effects on your brain, including enhanced attention and concentration. It can also make you see color in sound, a phenomenon known as synaesthesia. Listening to music while high on marijuana can significantly enhance your music experience. To learn more about the effects of cannabis on your music, read this article by Jorg Fachner.

The connection between music and cannabis has long been known, dating back to the jazz pioneers of the early 20th century. Jazz stars like Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie were regular cannabis users. While scientific studies of cannabis and music are rare, there are several hypotheses that might explain the connection. Here’s a brief look at the science behind this relationship. It’s important to note that cannabis and music use are not necessarily synonymous.

Indica Vs. Sativa Strains

There are many ways to enjoy listening to music with cannabis. The best strain for listening to music depends on the kind of music you enjoy. If you plan to dance or do something energetic while listening to music, an indica is a better option. If you plan to relax and listen to music at home, a sativa might be the best option. If you want to listen to classical music while listening to cannabis, a hybrid can be the right choice.

If you’re having difficulty choosing the right strain, try ordering any weed seeds for sale online and grow them at home.

CBD Dampens Response To Music

A study of humans who listen to music found that cannabis inhibited the brain’s response to the musical note. Interestingly, cannabis induced a diminished response to music in areas of the brain involved in reward-related behaviors, including the hippocampus. While the effects of cannabis on these regions are not entirely clear, the researchers noted that CBD dampened the effect on the right side of the brain. In addition, the substance also induced increased functional connectivity with the auditory cortex.

Indica increases time spent listening to music

There are many types of marijuana strains, and many people swear by them when they want to listen to their favorite music. Indicas increase your listening time by enhancing sound perception. They can also induce synaesthesia, a phenomenon wherein sound is perceived as color. A fascinating article by Jorg Fachner, The Space Between the Notes, details the relationship between cannabis and music. Unfortunately, there is little information about which strains are the most effective for listening to music.

Sativa increases time spent listening to music

Using cannabis to increase time spent listening to music may be beneficial if you like to party. Some strains make you very talkative, allowing you to engage in meaningful conversations and amusing banter. Once you’re high, it may also be beneficial to do some light physical activity, such as jogging in a park or taking an aerobics class. Simple exercises can be just as relaxing as doing strenuous work, but you should avoid dangerous activities while smoking weed.

Side Notes

Research on listening to music while high on cannabis suggests that the drug alters the way that people process time. While on a high, listeners tend to shift their attention more quickly. They assimilate more information than their short-term memory can hold, resulting in an expanded sense of time. During a high, time intervals also appear to stretch out and may be shortened, allowing listeners to focus more on individual sounds.



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